Ifra Jan

Ifra Jan

Kashmiri writer


Ifra Jan is a Delhi based Kashmiri writer. Her interests are Public Policy, Religious Radicalism, Gender and Politics.

By Ifra Jan

Britain refusing Asiya Bibi asylum over ‘fears for her security’ shows the dangers of migration without integration

Communities formed from immigration are becoming enforcers in their host countries of the religious and cultural codes of the societies they had left behind.

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#MeToo: Women get a voice in Kashmir. It's high time they did

The Kashmir Women's Collective published a list of anonymous accounts of sexual harassment cases. This did not go well with many people on social media in Kashmir.

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Abhijit Iyer Mitra’s bail rejected: Are the feelings of religious people more important than the rights of the non-religious?

The SC saying ‘jail is the safest place for you’ trivialises the reality of custodial torture.

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#IStandWithAbhijit: You don’t have to agree with his views to defend Abhijit Iyer Mitra’s right to free speech

Mitra was arrested for a satirical video about the Konark temple.

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Section 377 verdict: Legally safe, socially targetted, Kashmir's LGBTQ face a huge challenge of acceptance

In Kashmir, the community is excluded not just from public spaces, but also from public discourse, including books and newspapers.

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The Minority Question: In Pakistan, the rise of Imran Khan has Ahmadiyas and Shias in fear

The former cricketer rode to power on a wave of competitive radicalism.

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Tugged Left and Right: The Muslim Woman is cynically claimed by all

The Left rejoices in our silence. The Right wants our bodies as selfie props. But no one wants to hear the Muslim woman speak.

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