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Author is research fellow in Department of Education, Delhi University. His area of specialisation is Dalit and Tribals.

By Ramanand

EVM and ECI: The two factors always blamed by an election's losing side

Tampering with the EVM without being detected is impossible. Yet, there are always allegations of EVM-hacking or ECI's 'rigged verdict', perhaps to soften the blow.

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Farm loan waivers are great politics, but do they help farmers? Here’s what the numbers say

The schemes are a result of the politicisation of agrarian crises. They benefit politicians for sure. Does the kisaan gain much?

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The RSS invited everyone to its conclave. Why didn’t the critics turn up?

Before believing allegations against the RSS, we should hear what the organisation has to say about itself.

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DUSU Elections 2018: Delhi University polls reflect the nation's pro-BJP mood

ABVP winning 3 out of 4 seats gives us interesting pointers for the 2019 General Elections.

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What India can do to fix its online exam problem (and other tech blunders)

Let's not leave it to luck.

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Lesson Karnataka has for 2019 polls: BJP and Congress can't ignore caste arithmetic

Caste has been acknowledged more in politics than in society.

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