Rituparna Chatterjee

Rituparna Chatterjee

Feminist writer

Feminist. Writes on gender politics and disparity, media, social welfare. Former Deputy Editor, HuffPost India.

By Rituparna Chatterjee

‘I couldn’t talk or sleep for three days’: Journalist Rana Ayyub’s horrific social media ordeal over fake tweet

The author of Gujarat Files has been subjected to threats and vicious trolling.

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If older feminists will not listen to the youth, who will?

Nivedita Menon’s response to an internal committee of Ambedkar University Delhi finding scholar Lawrence Liang guilty of sexual harassment was problematic.

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Why Indian women need to take charge of their bodies

The blatant denial of a woman’s body, force-association of its expression with morality is at the core of her subjugation.

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