Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor

Congress MP


MP for Thiruvananthapuram. Author of 14 books. Former Minister of State,Govt.of India. Former Under Secretary General, UnitedNations.

By Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor on how Hindutva discredits science and distorts history

[Book extract] We need to use the past as a springboard, not as a battlefield.

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Disappointed with Sehwag, my cricket hero: Shashi Tharoor pens a sharp note

Do not let cynics exploit the power of your words to silence a young woman's idealism.

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When will a British PM beg forgiveness for Jallianwala Bagh massacre?

[Book extract] Britain is no longer 'Thatcherite', though in the aftermath of 'Brexit', it may even be worse.

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Modi has solutions to India's problems, but he must shed his saffron baggage

[Book Extract] The prime minister has built his appeal by focusing on development, but he has also given a free rein to the most retrograde elements in our society.

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