Simran Lekhi

Simran Lekhi

Writer, blogger and humourist

The author was an investment banker prior to embarking on the chaotic, magnificent and absurd journey of motherhood. She is currently trying to keep her sanity with two toddlers, and creating awareness on using plastic-free toys.

By Simran Lekhi

Parenting 2020: Why online classes make me want to tear my hair out

We recently got our children’s report card, and a fellow parent aptly asked, “What about the parent’s report card?”

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Unsure about co-living in the Corona era? Just follow us Indians

Interesting stories have revealed how young adults in the West are finding it nerve-racking and daunting to live with their parents.

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Lockdown Parenting: How to deal with your child's online summer classes

If most of this year doesn’t seem normal to you, then how else will you explain online summer classes?

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Lockdown Lessons: How to survive mommy groups and perfect kids on social media

Week after week, there were posts where picture-perfect meals were served in the most ideal setting and their kid’s flawless art prominently placed in the centre of the table that made me want to barf.

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