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Story Posted on 22-03-2018


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Funny, Desi, Twitter, Social Media

How Indian are you? Twitter users tell you

'I have a plastic bag full of plastic bags behind my kitchen doors.'


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Ghost villages, Exodus, Development, Uttarakhand

Not all ghost stories are fiction, at least in Uttarakhand

Abject lack of employment in the hill districts has led to large-scale migration to the plains, leaving entire mountain villages uninhabited.


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Films, Bollywood, Farooq Sheikh

Remembering Farooq Sheikh and his contribution to Indian cinema

The actor would have turned 70 on March 25, 2018.


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Bigg Boss 11, Social media trolls, Hina Khan

Bigg Boss is over. Why trolls must move on and stop heckling Hina Khan

Social media trolls camouflaging as fans are eating into the personal space of reality television stars.


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Barbie, Barbie dolls

No one wants a Barbie doll

This generation does not relate to her, just as it doesn't relate to Archie Andrews or Asterix or Tintin.


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Sudan, Animal reserve, Save The Tiger, Rhinos

Death of last male northern white rhino Sudan raises concerns for India, too

Wildlife sanctuaries such as Kaziranga and Corbett are dealing with inadequate wildlife protection infrastructure and staff.


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Supreme Court, Pension, Senior Citizens, Aadhaar

SC is right to pull up government: Linking Aadhaar with pension is wrong

It's not a subsidy, as the apex court observed.


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Jamaat-ud-dawah, Hafiz Saeed, Afghanistan, Terrorism

Truth behind how and when Pakistan started using jihad against India

[Book extract] The Pakistani state has allowed these Kashmiri militant groups to function as social-political-militant entities.


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Prostitution, Transgenders, Women, Sex workers

Sex workers are not objects. 10 films show cinema on prostitution must change

It is important that they break free of the gender binary and represent sex workers as human beings


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Satire, Biometric data, UIDAI, Aadhaar

7 things that can protect Aadhaar data better than 13ft-high walls

Nothing, absolutely nothing can now touch the data. Not even UIDAI.