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Story Posted on 17-05-2018


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TMC, Mamata Banerjee, Gram panchayat, West Bengal

Trinamool sweeps Bengal Panchayat polls, but victory isn't enough for Mamata Banerjee

BJP is now the Opposition.


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Yeddyurappa, Karnataka Assembly polls, Horse-Trading, Corruption

100 crore for MLAs? What happened to demonetisation

According to a CMS study, almost Rs 9,500-10,500 crore was spent during the Karnataka elections.


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BJP, Reddy brothers, Corruption, Yedyurappa

Never Say Die BSY: How Yeddyurappa has been the BJP's ultimate comeback kid

A look at the star moments of the neta with the most swag in Karnataka.


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Bollywood, Superstar, Raazi, Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt — the greatest female superstar than all those before her

Raazi actor has hit a moment never enjoyed by successful seniors like Madhubala, Rekha, even Sridevi.


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BJP, Karnataka Assembly polls, President's rule, BS Yeddyurappa

BJP has placed its own interests above Constitution to form government in Karnataka

Not only did the governor give a long rope to the BJP for horse trading, he also ordered a swearing-in for the CM the next morning.


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Karnataka, BJP, Governor, Yeddyurappa

Why BJP shouldn't have been allowed to form government in Karnataka

It was already rumoured that the governor had taken a decision to this effect much before it was finally confirmed.


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BJP, Congress, Karnataka elections, Karnataka verdict

In Karnataka's CM race, BJP must not forget how Congress' past came back to haunt it

People's mandate does matter and additions, subtractions, defections lead to loss of credibility among the general voters.


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#MeToo, Entertainment, Bollywood, Cannes 2018

What message did Bollywood send by staying away from #MeToo march at Cannes 2018?

Only two Bollywood actresses joining the march can't be our saving grace.


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Kashmir ceasefire, PDP-BJP, Mehbooba Mufti, Terrorism

Why unilateral ceasefire for Ramzan in Kashmir is a big-time mistake

Is Mehbooba Mufti putting the armed forces in the line of fire just to make political gains?


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Congress-jds, Yeddyurappa, Karnataka Assembly polls, Siddaramaiah

Congress-JD(S) cry foul over BJP government, but who did Karnataka really vote for?

It's worth noting that 17 of the 30 ministers in Siddaramaiah's cabinet lost their seats, that too by sizable margins.