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Story Posted on 17-07-2018


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Pn haksar, Jairam Ramesh, Emergency, Indira Gandhi

'If Narendra Modi is serious, he should allow a no confidence motion': Jairam Ramesh

Congress MP in conversation with Srijana Mitra Das about PN Haksar, Indira Gandhi, the Monsoon Session — and Shashi Tharoor.


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Health, Vitamin c, Kiwi fruit, Rainy days

Why the kiwi fruit is a must-eat during rainy season

A Vitamin C heavyweight, kiwi will help you beat flu and myriad infections.


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Thailand cave rescue, Boring company, SpaceX, Twitter

Elon Musk shows why we shouldn't make cult figures out of our tech geniuses

The tech billionaire has received much flak for his tweet against Vern Unsworth. But are we also to blame?


 |  5-minute read
Naxal movement, Coffee board, College Street, Indian coffee house

Coffee and cacophony: Kolkata's College Street secret brewing for ages

Apart from its coffee and cutlet, there is something unique about the employees of the Coffee House.


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Congress, BSP, Mayawati, Madhya Pradesh election

Why Congress is keen on getting Mayawati on-board for Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections

Forging an alliance with BSP and Gondwana Gantantra Party could benefit the Congress on 70 seats.


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BJP, Shashi Tharoor, Rahul Gandhi, Congress

To counter BJP's Hindutva, Rahul Gandhi and Congress can't evade the 'ideological' debate

If 2014 was more about 'Vikas' than Hindutva, 2019 is likely to be a communally charged election with worse in store.


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Military training, Modi government, National youth empowerment scheme, N-yes

Military training for 10 lakh youths: Why Modi govt wants India to be a country of citizen soldiers

Instead of generating jobs, the BJP is planning to channelise its human and financial resources for creating militia groups.


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Economy, Theatre, Maharashtra, Multiplexes

No, please don't bring your own popcorn. Why cinema viewers bringing their own snacks will only leave a bad taste

Isn't this why most of the single-screens had to bite the dust?


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Maharashtra farmers, Devendra Fadnavis, Farmer protest, Milk protest

Maharashtra dairy farmers spilling milk on roads is unacceptable

In a state where children continue to die of malnutrition, farmers should take the milk to orphanages and children’s homes instead of spilling it on the roads.


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Dowry deaths, Air hostess suicide, Air hostess killed, Anissia batra

Delhi air hostess Anissia Batra's death: Why empowered Indian women still feel forced to stay in bad marriages

Newspapers almost everyday are throwing at us stories of women killing themselves or getting killed in marriages over sundry issues.