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Story Posted on 17-01-2019


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Poll funding, Election Commission, Corporate donations, BJP

BJP got 12 times more donations than all other parties: It's time it tells us why it opposes a cap on poll funding

The image of a common man ‘kaamdaar’ taking on elite ‘naamdaars’ is not very convincing when beamed from LED screens at rallies that required crores to set up.


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Diet, Anxiety, Health, Cumin seeds

How cumin seed can be used to address anxiety

Cumin seed brings us to earth, tasting of the real, the relatable, the clarity of the sensible. This makes it stand out among other spices that make you fly high, but also forget vital grounding.


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T m krishna, Chennai kalai theru vizha, Music festival, North chennai

Finally, art for all: Here's a glorious festival of music, dance and more, in a part of Chennai considered the city's most squalid

The celebration of art has been extended from traditionally elite environs to North Chennai. All those there will learn from the rich heritage of the city's most underdeveloped part.


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Google Maps, North pole, World magnetic model

Where did the North Pole go?

Earth is showing shifts in the north magnetic pole and here is why you should be concerned — or not.


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Asia bibi, Bangladeshi immigrants, Illegal Immigrants, Citizenship amendment bill

Citizenship Bill makes no sense: India cannot afford to share more resources with immigrants

While the bill favours entry of Hindus from other countries, New Delhi should help persecuted minorities by raising their issues at the bilateral level.


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Google Maps, Social Media, Smartphones, Asha Bhosle

Thank you, smartphone. Humanity is doing fine without talking

Iconic singer Asha Bhosle feels smartphones killed conversations. Interestingly, we're all talking about her views on our smartphones.


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Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, Narendra Modi, Namo hoodie

Why we love NaMo T-shirts, Kim thongs and shirtless Putin calendars

Political merchandise is spreading worldwide like a hot rash! And it's often women who are credited for the rising popularity of male politicians on calendars, cups, even thongs!


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Gully boy, Bollywood, Simmba, Ranveer Singh

Frenetic, edgy, sexy and likable. How Ranveer Singh is reinventing the role of the Bollywood hero

For the first time in over a decade, none of the highest-earning Hindi films starred the Khans.


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Hollywood, Bunty aur bubli, Bollywood, Taj Mahal controversy

Taj Mahal: From Shah Jahan to local stalkers, how the grand monument to love has shrunk!

As a besotted wanna-be lover resorts to a 'baby Taj', we look at the several trials this amazing monument has been through over the years.


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Planetary health diet, Healthy eating, Fast Food, Climate change

The Planetary Health Diet: How to save yourself, and earth, with a new food plan

Less meat, less pollution. A new study finds less meat consumption is better for climate change and for you. But is America listening? Or is it still denying climate change while chomping on President Trump's 'hamberders'?