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Story Posted on 22-06-2020


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Karan Johar, Bollywood, Sushant singh rajput suicide, Sushantsinghrajput

Sushant Singh Rajput deserves our voice, not quiet

Fronting mental health to avoid a conversation about the harsh realities of Bollywood is a copout that will dismantle many more fragile minds of many more Sushant Singh Rajputs.


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Chinese aggression, PM Narendra Modi, Ladakh incursions, Indiachinafaceoff

India-China Face-off: Not the time to distrust the Prime Minister

The citizenry, media and political class must not indulge in unnecessary mud-slinging to create instability. Instead, the whole country should strengthen the resolve of politico-military leadership to secure national sovereign territory.


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Relationships and life, Facetime, Long distance relationships, Lockdownlove

Lockdown Love: FaceTime

Virtual calls that brought the world closer during the coronavirus could not connect these two anymore.


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Sonam Kapoor, Amrish puri, Rath Yatra, Ambubachimela

DailyOh! How Assam’s Ambubachi Mela ‘celebrates’ periods, to story of Mogambo Khush Hua

The Ambubachi mela will find the crowds missing this year, but the menses rituals would go on.


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Social distancing, Coronavirus in india, Stigma, Covid19

The Covid stigma is a bigger malaise than the disease itself

Each day hundreds of people all across India are ostracised by their neighbours, relatives and acquaintances, even if they are suspected of harbouring the dreaded coronavirus.


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Demand-supply gap, Economic impact of coronavirus, Covid-19, Msme

How Covid-19 is hurting MSME bottomlines

The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has hurt micro, small and medium enterprises across sectors, leaving them vulnerable.


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Information technology act, Social Media, Chinese apps, Tiktok

How long will the clock tick for TikTok?

Across the world, there have been concerns raised over security and transparency of Chinese apps like TikTok.


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Economy, Chinese goods market, India-china trade relations, Indiachinafaceoff

How India can hit China where it hurts them most

With a negative public sentiment about China prevailing in India, China, with delinquent antics, is virtually pushing itself to lose out on the buoyant and burgeoning Indian market. This will hit them hard.