Attack On Titan anime final season release date announced, but there is a catch

Ayaan Paul
Ayaan PaulJan 17, 2023 | 17:23

Attack On Titan anime final season release date announced, but there is a catch

Otakus rejoice! MAPPA has finally announced the release date for Attack On Titan: The Final Season. But there’s a catch.

Having waited over a year since Attack On Titan dropped Part Two of its final season, fans of the anime can rest easy knowing the third and final season of Hajime Isayama’s epic is nearly here.

For the unfamiliar, Attack On Titan follows the last remnants of humanity living behind a series of three massive walls, protecting them from the Titans - giants that eat humans on sight. The anime holds a Guinness World Record for the 2021 Most In-Demand Anime TV Show, and finished the year as the Most In-Demand TV Show overall, surpassing various live-action competitors.


With a fanbase that rivals (though probably surpasses) the likes of Game of Thrones and Star Wars, the long-anticipated final arc of Attack On Titan is a really big deal for the fandom.  

Animation studio MAPPA, known for their outstanding work on Chainsaw Man in 2022, have released a teaser for the final season:

MAPPA also tweeted an official press release regarding the premiere dates of the final season:

Here’s the catch:

Though the final season of Attack On Titan is almost here, MAPPA has informed us that the season will be divided into two parts with the first to start on March 3 and the second half to air later this year.

Another statement on the Attack On Titan official website detailed the reasons for the division and the delay:

Though their initial goal was to broadcast the entire final season on March 3, MAPPA explained that in the process of production, the amassing work was much more than anticipated. After consulting committee members, executives at MAPPA decided to release the final season in two parts.

All previous seasons of Attack On Titan can be streamed on Crunchyroll.


Until then, tatakae!

Last updated: January 17, 2023 | 17:23
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