Blackpink Jennie files trademark application as fans wonder if she is eyeing a solo career

Tanushree Debbarma
Tanushree DebbarmaNov 15, 2023 | 15:33

Blackpink Jennie files trademark application as fans wonder if she is eyeing a solo career

Jennie, a prominent member of the famed K-Pop group Blackpink, has stirred speculation by seeking a trademark. While such business moves are routine for celebrities, this action has ignited questions about the likelihood of her pursuing a solo career amid recent developments within the group.

Here, we delve into the significance and implications of securing a trademark in straightforward terms, coupled with the latest updates regarding Blackpink's situation.


Jennie's trademark application

  • On November 14, it came to light through the KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Info Service) that Jennie Kim applied for 10 trademarks under the name "Jennie Ruby Jane," initially filing in January this year.

  • The 10 categories for which she applied include various items, among which are some peculiar ones:

What are the 10 categories?

Among the many things that have been listed for the trademark, here are some of the weirdest:

Note: The numbers in brackets are the classification code for the category of the trademark.

  • (43) Food and beverage service business
  • (28) Entertainment, toys, video game equipment, gymnastics, and sports equipment; Christmas tree ornaments (Originally applied for Classification Number 28 in January and again in March, which is why it is mentioned in the list twice)
  • (18) Leather and imitation leather; water polishes; bags and carry bags; umbrellas and parasols; walking canes; whips and harnesses (horse); animal necklaces, leather straps, and clothing
  • (14) Precious metals and their alloys, jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones; watch equipment
  • (30) Ice cream, sherbet, and other edible ice
  • (21) Unbuilt, unprocessed, or semi-finished glass; glass products, pottery products, and earthenware products
  • (09) Diving suits, diving masks, diving earplugs, divers and swimming nose clips, diving gloves, diving respirators; fire extinguishers
  • (25) Clothing, shoes, hats
  • (03) Non-medical cosmetics and toiletries; non-medical toothpaste, flavorings, essential oils; bleach, and other laundry preparations; cleaning glosses and abrasives
Photo credit- KIPRIS official website
All the 10 categories. Photo credit- KIPRIS official website

What is a trademark?

  • A trademark is a legally registered symbol, word, or phrase that represents a company or product. In Jennie's case, it pertains to her personal brand, including her name, logo, or a specific catchphrase connected to her public identity.

Reasons for filing a trademark

Brand safeguarding: Trademarks protect a brand or individual identity, like Jennie's name or recognizable elements associated with her image, from unauthorised use.
Business Ventures: Celebrities often trademark their brand for potential business pursuits, such as fashion lines, beauty products, and other merchandise linked to their image.

Challenges with trademark filing

Financial investment: The process incurs various fees, making it a financial commitment.
Time-consuming: Registration can be lengthy, involving administrative steps that might cause delays.
Public disclosure: Details about the trademark become public during the application process, potentially revealing plans to competitors.

Solo career speculation

Jennie's move to secure her name and brand has led to speculation about a potential solo career, particularly due to the focus on name protection.

Fans are closely monitoring the activities of BLACKPINK members amid discussions about their contract negotiations.

Recent manager departures from YG, the group's agency, including the individuals overseeing Lisa and Jennie's schedules, have added to the intrigue about Blackpink's future..


Jennie Ruby Jane's decision to file for a trademark highlights the importance of brand preservation and hints at prospective commercial endeavors, while fueling anticipation for a potential solo journey.

Last updated: November 15, 2023 | 15:33
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