How genuine was Katy Perry's reaction to American Idol school shooter survivor story?

Ayaan Paul
Ayaan PaulMar 01, 2023 | 14:18

How genuine was Katy Perry's reaction to American Idol school shooter survivor story?

Emotions ran high on the latest episode of American Idol when a young contestant, Trey Louis, stunned judges with his performance before revealing a harrowing personal story. However, the Internet seems unconvinced with the sincerity of Katy Perry's response to the incident.

During a recent episode of American Idol, a 21-year-old contestant named Trey Louis wowed judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie with his rendition of the country song Stone by Whiskey Myers. However, it was his personal story that really moved the judges and viewers.


Louis, who hails from Santa Fe, Texas, shared that he was one of the survivors of the 2018 shooting at Santa Fe High School, in which 10 people lost their lives. Louis was in Art Room One when the shooter entered the school and started firing. He lost many friends in the tragic event.

Perry was visibly moved by Louis's story, and broke down in tears, with Bryan and Richie also getting choked up. Perry went on to make an impassioned speech about the need for change, stating that gun violence has become too common and that it needed to be addressed.

Richie, also emotional, added that gun violence has been tolerated for far too long and it is time for change. Louis responded to Perry, agreeing that the situation is horrible.

The Internet is not convinced

Katy Perry's public display of empathy has since been perceived as superficial by many anti-gun control voices on the Internet.

Her tears, while seemingly heartfelt, have since been viewed as not genuine rather than truly connecting with Louis and his story. Some even accused Perry of stealing the platform from Louis in her attempt to demonstrate her outrage.


Her response to Louis's audition on American Idol is concerning because it is being perceived as exploitative of his traumatic experience rather than using the show as a platform to voice concern. 

Furthermore, Perry's attempt to make a passionate speech in response to Louis's story has been deemed hypocritical by many, following her vote and public endorsement of the former Republican and Los Angeles mayoral candidate, Rick Caruso.

The veracity of the criticisms

Though the Internet was quick to lampoon Perry’s seemingly hypocritical display of sympathy, what’s interesting to note is that though formerly Republican, Caruso stood publicly in support of gun control.


While the judges' emotional reactions and dramatic responses, including Katy Perry bursting into tears and Lionel Richie making a political statement about gun violence, may have come from a place of heartfelt concern, they seem to have come off as unintentionally hollow platitudes instead.

It is important to note however how Perry has been on the forefront of progressive activism and an ardent endorser of Democrat candidates since 2015.

Though many seem overly concerned about Perry's vote for a now-Democratic candidate last year, her past actions seem to speak for themselves in shutting up any critics.

Last updated: March 01, 2023 | 14:18
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