New Golden Globes category could have got RRR two awards had it come a year ago

Ayaan Paul
Ayaan PaulSep 27, 2023 | 17:32

New Golden Globes category could have got RRR two awards had it come a year ago

The Golden Globes have decided to shake things up by introducing not one, but two shiny new categories for their upcoming January 2024 broadcast. Had they come just a season earlier, India could have possibly taken home another golden trophy for RRR.

The new categories

1. The first new category, aptly named the Golden Globe for Cinematic and Box Office, is a significant departure from the traditional awards typically given by the Golden Globes. This category aims to honour films that have not only achieved commercial success but have also delivered on creative excellence. 

  • To be eligible for this award, a movie must have grossed a minimum of $150 million during its release, with at least $100 million coming from the domestic box office. 
  • Streaming films with substantial viewership will be considered for nomination based on data from "recognised industry sources."

In other words, the Golden Globes are rolling out the red carpet for those big, bold, and beloved blockbuster films that usually get sidelined in traditional award ceremonies. It's like giving the cool kids at school their own special dance because, let's face it, they deserve a little recognition too.

2. The second new category, Best Performance in Stand-Up Comedy on Television, awards exceptional work in the traditional stand-up format or as a breakout comic within a troupe or ensemble. 

  • Eligible projects include comedy specials airing on various platforms, such as broadcast, basic and premium cable, streaming services, and pay-per-view cable. 

These two additions expand the scope of the Golden Globe Awards, incorporating elements of popular culture and diverse comedic talent into the fold. By recognising the importance of stand-up comedy and blockbuster cinema, the Golden Globes align themselves with a broader spectrum of entertainment, reflecting the evolving tastes and preferences of modern audiences.


Another win for RRR

Having previously been nominated in the Best Motion Picture - Non-English Language category and winning the globe for Best Original Song with Naatu Naatu, SS Rajamouli’s (later Oscar winning) RRR, could have had a shot at winning another Golden Globe had the new Cinematic and Box Office Achievement category been introduced last year. 

Here's how it could have grabbed another Golden Globe:

Commercial success

RRR was not only a cinematic spectacle but also a massive box office hit. It grossed well beyond the $150 million minimum threshold mentioned in the new category's eligibility criteria. With its record-breaking earnings, it would have been a strong contender.

Cultural impact

RRR was a film that transcended borders and made waves internationally, contributing to the global recognition of Indian cinema. Its story, performances, and visual effects had a significant cultural impact, which aligns with the intent of the new category to recognise films with cultural significance.

Artistic merit

Despite its blockbuster status, RRR was lauded for its high production values, innovative storytelling, and artistic prowess. It demonstrated that a film could be both commercially successful and artistically excellent, making it a fitting candidate for this unique category.


Embracing diversity

The inclusion of RRR in this category could have showcased the diversity of global cinema, highlighting its ability to compete on an international stage and appeal to a wide range of audiences.

The film's presence at the Golden Globes would've been a testament to the worldwide appeal of Indian cinema. Had the Golden Globes introduced this new category just a year earlier, RRR would in all likelihood have been that charismatic party crasher, stealing the spotlight and waltzing away with another shiny trophy.

Comparison with the Oscars

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room. 

The Golden Globes' decision to include a Cinematic and Box Office Achievement category invites comparison with the Oscars' attempt to introduce a similar category in 2018.

The Academy Awards announced the creation of the Outstanding Popular Film category with the aim of recognising films that had made a significant cultural impact, exemplified by the groundbreaking success of Black Panther that year, as if saying, "You're not cool enough for Best Picture, but here's a consolation prize." 

The backlash

However, the Oscars' move met with considerable controversy.

Critics argued that the new category was a desperate attempt to acknowledge popular movies that often found themselves excluded from the coveted Best Picture category.

  • The decision seemed to suggest that these popular films were somehow inferior to their art-house counterparts, an implication that did not sit well with many within the industry and the broader audience.

The backlash prompted the Academy to rethink its approach, and before the 2019 Oscars ceremony, they decided to abandon the Outstanding Popular Film category, indicating a reluctance to create a perceived hierarchy of films, where popular appeal and artistic merit were seen as mutually exclusive.

In contrast, the Golden Globes appear poised to embrace the challenge of celebrating both commercial success and creative excellence in cinema. This approach may resonate more with contemporary audiences who appreciate a wide range of cinematic experiences. But knowing the Globes, you never really know.

To know more about the Golden Globes and how they affect a film's run at the annual award season, have a look at: How To Win An Oscar

As the 2024 Golden Globe Awards ceremony approaches, industry observers and fans alike will be eager to see how these new categories impact the event and the broader conversation surrounding the recognition of excellence in the world of entertainment.

Last updated: September 27, 2023 | 17:32
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