PETA turns feud with Pete Davidson into hilarious Halloween costume

Sweta Gupta
Sweta GuptaSep 07, 2023 | 17:21

PETA turns feud with Pete Davidson into hilarious Halloween costume

The holloween costume costs $99.99. (Photo Credits: Getty Images/PETA)

PETA possesses a wicked sense of humor and a knack for seizing upon controversy.

The organisation is striking back at comedian Pete Davidson by unveiling a limited-edition Halloween costume inspired by their fiery feud.

This ensemble comprises a paper mask bearing Pete's likeness, an "I Should Have Adopted" hoodie, and a hat proudly featuring a cheeky censored word, a nod to the expletive-laden voicemail Pete left when they criticised his decision to purchase a pet store puppy instead of adopting from a shelter.


Here's the backstory:

  • Pete found himself embroiled in a tiff with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) after acquiring a puppy from a pet store instead of adopting one from a shelter.
  • So, PETA decided to turn this into a costume.
  • It all began when Pete and his then-girlfriend acquired an adorable dog in Manhattan.
  • PETA expressed their displeasure, insisting that Pete should have adopted a shelter dog instead.
  • Now, they're offering a costume inspired by Pete's retort to their criticism.

PETA sure knows how to transform a feud into a comedic costume opportunity.

The costume draws inspiration from a humorous voicemail that Pete Davidson left for a PETA vice president. He grew quite irate and employed colorful language when responding to PETA's criticism of his decision to choose a pet store puppy over adopting from a shelter.


This costume isn't limited to just a mask and clothing; it also includes an adorable stuffed dog adorned with a "Shelter Dogs Rule" bandana. The complete costume is priced at $99.99 (INR 8,000), but here's the fantastic part: every cent earned from it goes toward assisting dogs.

PETA's Website

In the United States, there are more than 70 million dogs and cats in need of homes, and at times, irresponsible dog breeding exacerbates the problem by neglecting shelter animals.

That's where PETA steps in. They utilize the proceeds from this costume to provide veterinary care (spaying and neutering), which aids in controlling the population of homeless dogs.

Now, you can don this costume, bring smiles to people's faces, and simultaneously help dogs find loving homes!

Last updated: September 07, 2023 | 17:21
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