The Mandalorian Season 3 Pilot Review: Just give us the green baby and we’re good

Ayaan Paul
Ayaan PaulMar 03, 2023 | 08:00

The Mandalorian Season 3 Pilot Review: Just give us the green baby and we’re good

The Mandalorian returns with its third season following a two year break. Despite the Internet’s fawning adoration towards Pedro Pascal at the moment, it is his little green co-star on the Star Wars series that has fans bewitched and desperate for more. 

In showrunner Jon Favreau’s latest installment in the series, titled "The Apostate," we are presented with a stirring tale of our titular character’s redemption. The protagonist, Din, is burdened by a deep-seated guilt over his decision to remove his helmet in the previous season - an action forbidden according to the Way of the Mandalore. In order to absolve himself of this sin, he embarks on a perilous quest to find the fabled living waters, located deep within the ravaged planet of Mandalore.


As fans of the series may already know, this pivotal plot point is further elaborated upon in The Book of Boba Fett, aka The Mandalorian Season 2.5, and as the eagerly anticipated Season 3 kicks off, audiences are treated to a compelling recapitulation of Din's journey towards atonement with his encounter with the mysterious Armourer.

Following an intense battle with a giant, alligator-like creature (or your average day in Florida), we get our first glimpse of the shiny Mandalorian armour aboard a shiny spaceship before a familiar green head pops up in the cockpit to make his mischievous presence known.

Nevarro, once a desolate backwater, has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis into a bustling hub of commerce and tranquility. However, this newfound prosperity is not without its fragility, as good old Carl Weathers’s “High Magistrate” Greef Karga, adorned in the most dapper drip in the Outer Rims, makes a fleeting attempt to enlist Din as Cara Dune's replacement marshal on the planet. 

Following a classic Western-style standoff that has become a staple of the series and a brief attempt to revive a familiar droid gone-wrong, Din sets off on his adventures once more, setting things up for the rest of this season.


The live-action Disney+ Star Wars series has taken the world by storm since its conception with its captivating story, stunning visuals, and impressive cast. But it is the little green critter Grogu - more popularly known as Baby Yoda (much to Disney’s chagrin), that has captured the hearts of viewers and ignited a fan obsession unlike anything seen in recent memory.

From the moment he appeared on screen, Grogu's big, expressive eyes and tiny frame instantly captured the attention of audiences everywhere. But it is his endearing personality that has made him the most loveable part of the series.

His adorable appearance and tiny size of course, have made him an instant crowd-pleaser (and major merchandise seller). However, it is his expressions and clumsy body language that really seal the deal. From his incessant cooing to his playful movements, the troublemaker exudes an irresistible charm that has never failed to draw viewers in.

The tiny creature seems just as curious about the world around him as when we’re first introduced to him, experiencing everything with an unfiltered sense of wonder. This innocence is exemplified in the way he interacts with the world - be it endlessly spinning around the High Magistrates chair or snuggling up to Din in the cockpit. 


The little one’s vulnerability makes it so much easier to root for him. Despite his impressive Force abilities, he is still a small and defenseless creature that needs protection. The Mandalorian, who initially sees him as a bounty, quickly becomes attached to him and goes to great lengths to keep him safe. This dynamic not only showcases the Din’s fatherly instincts in overdrive but also highlights this adorable bond that has formed between these two unlikely characters.

Grogu has become a cultural phenomenon, spawning countless memes, merchandise, and fan theories. It is clear that this tiny, green creature has captured the hearts of viewers everywhere and will continue to do so for years to come, making him the most indispensable part of the Star Wars canon as of now.

As long as Favreau keeps the little one coming, the future of The Mandalorian seems pretty secure. Sorry Pedro, but “this is the Way”.

New episodes of The Mandalorian Season 3 stream Wednesday's on Disney+ Hotstar.

Last updated: March 03, 2023 | 08:00
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