You can't book Jawan tickets at 4 Delhi theatres if you're planning to see it on opening weekend

Ayaan Paul
Ayaan PaulSep 04, 2023 | 17:16

You can't book Jawan tickets at 4 Delhi theatres if you're planning to see it on opening weekend

The G20 Summit India 2023, scheduled for September 9 and 10 in New Delhi, promises to be one of the most significant geopolitical events of the year.

However, the preparations for this summit, including three-day restrictions from September 8 to 10, are likely to have a notable impact on the screening of Shah Rukh Khan's eagerly awaited blockbuster, Jawan, in parts of the capital.


Restrictions in place

The Delhi government's decision to impose comprehensive restrictions ahead of the G20 Summit is strategically aimed at minimising potential disruptions. 

  • This lockdown of sorts extends its reach to various sectors, including education, public and private offices, banks, and entertainment venues. 
  • Schools, offices, restaurants, malls, markets, and even the Supreme Court will temporarily shut their doors. 
  • As the summit is all set to be held at the newly-built Bharat Mandapam convention centre in Delhi's Pragati Maidan, entry and exit in the capital will be regulated.

Now, while this measure is necessary for the smooth execution of the summit, it raises concerns about the accessibility of cinemas and theatres, particularly those located within the regulated zone.

Let's break it down.

Which theatres will be affected?

  • Major theatres like PVR Plaza, INOX Odeon, PVR Rivoli, and PVR ECX Chanakyapuri are situated right in the heart of Central and New Delhi. During the summit dates, they'll be on restricted access, just like the city itself.
  • However, all four theatres shall be screening the film on September 7, during its nationwide premiere.

As a result, individuals residing or working in these areas will have limited options for enjoying the film during the summit weekend. So, if you were planning a movie night in Connaught Place on any day between September 8 and 10, you might want to reschedule.


No shows of Jawan

To begin with, there are no shows of Jawan at these theatres on September 8, 9 and 10.

The following are screenshots from ticketing platform BookMyShow, on September 4. The advance booking of Jawan were opened on August 31 and tickets are available at all other theatres except for the following four:

The traffic advisory isn't helping

The Delhi Traffic Police's advisory further complicates the situation. While they intend to facilitate the movement of passengers to the airport and railway stations, travellers should expect delays, making it less appealing to venture out for a movie screening.

So, you might end up spending more time en route than watching the movie. 

Those looking to attend Jawan screenings may find their journeys to be less convenient than usual, potentially leading to reduced audience turnout.

To add another layer of complexity, special passes will be required for folks coming from outside the lockdown zone. This means more bureaucracy, more waiting, and potentially fewer moviegoers willing to jump through hoops to watch SRK's latest action-packed thriller.


Fan shows all around

But fear not, because the buzz around Jawan is electrifying. Trade analysts are predicting record-breaking numbers, and the Shah Rukh Khan fan club, SRK Universe, has organised fan shows in over 300 cities, setting a record for any Hindi film star. The anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding the film are undeniable.

While the G20 Summit's restriction measures will undoubtedly impact the screening of Jawan in parts of New Delhi, the fervent support of Shah Rukh Khan's fans and the movie's buzz could potentially mitigate some of these challenges. 

Whether you're a fan of international politics or a die-hard Bollywood aficionado, September in New Delhi promises to be anything but dull.

Last updated: September 04, 2023 | 17:16
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