Crazy Pakistani conspiracy theories add the tadka to India's wins at World Cup 2023

Sushim Mukul
Sushim MukulNov 17, 2023 | 09:00

Crazy Pakistani conspiracy theories add the tadka to India's wins at World Cup 2023

Some Pakistani fans have repeatedly said that the World Cup is fixed. Photo: ICC/dailyO

In what seems like a classic case of sour grapes, ever since the ICC World Cup began in India, our neighbours on the other side of the fence have wasted no time conjuring up conspiracy theories regarding India's unbeaten streak so far.

Pakistani fans, experts, former cricketers, and even a team owner of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) have equally contributed to these misfires.


Rather than dampening the Indian spirit, these theories have only entertained us. And now, with India knocking out the Kiwis to enter the final in Ahmedabad, the surge of these theories is only set to accelerate.

Regardless, a few more chuckles wouldn't go amiss!

Let's have a look at them.

Rohit's luck with the toss

  • Sikander Bakht, the outspoken former Pakistani cricketer, on Wednesday, November 15 postulated a theory questioning Indian Captain Rohit Sharma's coin toss.
  • During an interview on Geo News, Bakht proposed that Rohit Sharma's coin-tossing technique might be a calculated manoeuvre to secure an unjust advantage.
  • He added that whenever Rohit spins the coin it lands too far, away from the sight of the opponent captains.
  • Former Pakistani pacer, reacting to the same, said, “I am embarrassed.”

Because records!

  • Another fan, who looks to be a diehard Babar Azam fan suggested, that India, having lost all the knockout matches against New Zealand in an ICC tournament, until Wednesday, might still win the semi-final match.
  • Because it's fixed.

Pakistan vs all?

  • Another funny analogy from another Pakistani show had Abdul Razzaq, who faced the heat for his unsolicited Asiswarya Rai remark, saying, that none of the competing teams want Pakistan to win and reach the semis.

The fault in the balls?

  • Hasan Raza, another retired Pakistani player had alleged that Ravindra Jadeja's dismissal of Heinrich Klaasen on November 5 was suspicious as the ball was not up to the standards.
  • He also alleged that the ICC had given a different ball to India to bowl.
  • The on-field umpire had turned down the appeal before India went for the review after Jadeja convinced captain Rohit Sharma to opt for it.
  • He even hinted that the BCCI had tweaked the DRS in his favour.

Fixed, a Pakistani fav buzzword

  • An investigative journalist, Fakhar Durrani, on November 5 said that India can only win the World Cup if the tournament is not fixed.

A list of the fix

  • A hardworking X(formerly Twitter) user took the pain to jot down several reasons to substantiate why the World Cup is "fixed." Have a look!

Maybe, the Pakistan team, given their inability to reach the semi-finals, needs a fix!

Last updated: November 17, 2023 | 09:00
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