Food delivery, selling jewellery: Hong Kong lost to India in Asia Cup but won hearts all over

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad BilalSep 01, 2022 | 13:41

Food delivery, selling jewellery: Hong Kong lost to India in Asia Cup but won hearts all over

Hong Kong team that played against India on August 31, 2022 at Dubai International Stadium. Photo: AFP

Though Hong Kong lost to India by 40 runs on Wednesday (August 31), fighting all odds and qualifying for Asia Cup 2022 was a victory in itself for them. It was after four years that Hong Kong got to play against India.

Hong Kong's head coach and former Ireland captain Trent Johnston, said that the players, in their quest to play at the international level, have been so much away from their homes that many of them like Babar Hayat, Ehsaan Khan and Yasim Murtaza couldn't be there for their children's birth.

Struggle of Hong Kong cricketers: Talking to Cricinfo, coach Johnston said that a majority of the players have to earn a living apart from what they get from Cricket Hong Kong. Many of these cricketers do some other job because Hong Kong is the second priciest city in the world.

Many players in the team like Ehsaan Khan and captain Nizakat Khan come from Pakistan. They also have to support their families. 

Hong Kong coach Trent Johnston. Photo: Getty Images


  • 3-4 players of the team give private cricket coaching.
  • Some work as food delivery agents with Food Panda or Deliveroo.
  • The vice captain of the team, Kinchit Shah, is in the jewellery trade.
  • Wicketkeeper-batter Scott Stephen McKechnie has his own business.

Where are the former players? It may surprise you but few players who last played against India (2018) have left cricket and are doing some other jobs.

  • Christopher Carter, the wicket-keeper batter left the team to attend to a flight school in Australia and is currently a pilot with Cathay Pacific.
  • Former captain, Jamie Atkinson, is a teacher at a private school.
  • Anshy Rath, who was the captain of the team in 2018, left the team and came to India to try his career in domestic cricket and IPL.

What's next? Hong Kong will face Pakistan in the second match in Asia Cup on Friday (September 2) at Sharjah.

  • Over the last three months, the players have stopped in Namibia, Uganda and Jersey (for ICC events) and South Afirca and England (for preparatory tours) and Zimbabwe (for T20 World Cup Qualifiers) and Oman for Asia Cup qualifiers
  • In Oman, the team triumphed over Singapore, Kuwait and UAE to qualify for the Asia Cup.
  • Now, with one match at hand, Hong Kong would like to put up a brave fight against Pakistan.
Last updated: September 01, 2022 | 13:41
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