Pakistan cricketer Naseem Shah slammed for 'body shaming' fellow cricketer Azam Khan

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Pakistan cricketer Naseem Shah slammed for 'body shaming' fellow cricketer Azam Khan

Naseem Shah mocked fellow cricketer Azam Khan over his body weight during a match at Bangldesh Premier League (BPL) on January 31, 2023. Photo: Getty

The incident occurred during a Bangladesh Premier League match between Khulna Tigers and Comilla Victorians when Pakistani pace bowler Naseem Shah mocked his Pakistani mate Azam Khan.

When Khan walked in to bat for Khulna Tigers in the final over of his innings, Naseem tried to get involved in a friendly banter with Khan. He tried to imitate a hug with Khan but Khan shoved him away smiling. As Khan continued to walk towards the other side of the crease, Naseem followed him closely with his body gesture apparently mocking Khan for his weight.


The pacer's actions did not impress the fans and many criticized Shah for his action.

Khan on his body weight: Though Khan didn't say anything about this incident, he has been vocal about questions relating to his body weight in the past. 

  • In a recent interview with ESPN Cricinfo, the 24-year-old batsman revealed that when he made his debut at Pakistan Super League (PSL), he was criticized a lot for his body weight. He was told that his body weight was not suited "for the elite game(level) of cricket." 
  • The cricketer has exerted his view on his body weight number of times. He has always, in a good spirits, tried to put emphasis on his performance rather than his body weight. "It's not about being overweight. It's about performance. If a guy is scoring 400 runs and he is super-fit and if a guy is scoring 800 runs and is not super-fit, I will keep the guy who scored 800 runs in the team. That's my point of view," he said.
Pakistani player Azam Khan. Photo: Getty Images

Not first time for Naseem Shah: The 19-year-old Pakistani pacer, who has made headlines because of his exceptional bowling skills, has also been quite aggressive with his body language. The Azam Khan incident is not the first one though.

  • In the Asia Cup match between Pakistan and Afghansitan at Sharjah, Shah had displayed sheer outrage after slamming two sixes in the last over winning the game for Paksitan. Few moments back, batter Asif Ali and Afghanistan bowler Fareed Ahmad had got into a serious altercation. In a retaliation to what had happened between Asif Ali and Fareed, Shah got aggresive after winning the game.
  • The young gun has a mastery over his bowling, but when it comes to etiqutes and mannerisms, he has to learn a lot.
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