WWE Survivor Series 2022: What is the WarGames theme Triple H just announced?

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad BilalSep 20, 2022 | 14:02

WWE Survivor Series 2022: What is the WarGames theme Triple H just announced?

WWE Head of Talent Relations and Chief Content Officer Paul Levesque popularly known as Tripe H. Photo: Getty Images

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans are all set to receive a big treat during the Survivor Series event to be held on November 26. Company's big man, Paul 'Triple H' Levesque has introduced the concept of WarGames in WWE pay-per-view. The Head of Talent Relations and Chief Content officer said that there will be two matches in men's and women's category in the Survivor Series which will be storyline-driven.

What Triple H said: Speaking to David Shoemaker and Oliver Lee Bateman of The Ringer, Triple H said that the tradition of the Survivor Series has ebbed and flowed and changed slightly over the time. But this will be similar to that. This will not be a Raw versus Smackdown. It will be much more storyline-driven," he said. 

Traditionally, Survivor Series was a Raw vs SmackDown show each year where superstars from both the brands competed against each other. The main event would be a 5-men tag team elimination match where the team that pins all the other players of opposite team won. 

However, breaking away from what used to happen, the management has decided to up the ante this time by introducing WarGames matches.

What is a WarGames-theme match? The idea of WarGames match in wrestling comes from Late WWE wrestler Dusty Rhodes. In early 1990s, this match used to occur in National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and later started to be held in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). The match involved two teams of either four or five wrestlers who compete in a double caged ring.

WWE purchased the assets of WCW in 2001, and has held the annual WarGames match as part of their NXT brand's "Takeover" events. Here is a NXT WarGames match:

What are the rules of the match? Two or three teams with four or five wrestlers participate in the match. Initially, the fight starts with two players from each team and after minutes, a wrestler from another team (mostly heel) enters the ring. Then after every two minutes, other wrestlers start entering the ring. Once all the wrestlers are inside the ring, the match which is then called "The Match Beyond" begins. Both the teams wrestle until a player from any team submits, surrenders or is knocked out.

Initially, there was no rule of pinfall but later WCW version began to allow pinfalls. Originally, there were no pinfalls, submissions and count-outs.

Also, in WWE's version of WarGames, since the cage is roofless, if any wrestler escapes the ring, his whole team would be disqualified.

Why WWE removed the cage's roof: In the interview with The Ringer, Triple H said that having a roof on the cage limits several things which performers could possibly do to entertain the fans. "Taking the top of the cage allows you to do more things. Look, in the old generation, no one was about to jump off that cage. The times have changed, the business has evolved, and the cage that WarGames ae held needed to evolve too."

Survivor series where WarGames theme match will take place will happen on November 26.

Last updated: September 20, 2022 | 14:02
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