WWE WrestleMania 39: 5 surprises you can expect during the mega event

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad BilalFeb 24, 2023 | 08:00

WWE WrestleMania 39: 5 surprises you can expect during the mega event

WrestleMania 39 is nearly a month away and the road to mega event is getting exciting with each passing week. While Roman Reigns is locked in a Championship duel with Cody Rhodes, Brock Lesnar is expected to rub shoulders with 'The Nigerian Giant', Omos.

This will also be the first WrestleMania under the creative leadership of Paul 'Triple H' Levesque and fans are looking forward to see what is in the store of the 'Hunter' in the biggest wrestling event of the year.


Over the last few years, we have seen some nerve-wracking surprises at the WrestleMania that have left the fans shocked. Be it the return of the Hardy Boys in 2017, cashing in of Money in the Bank by Seth Rollins in 2015. or Cody Rhodes returning to the company in 2022, WrestleMania has always produced epic moments for the fans.

While no one can exactly predict what goes behind the mind of creative directors like Vince McMahon and Triple H and what surprise they might throw at the fans, we can predict certain surprising elements which may happen at the event.

Here are five surprises fans can expect to see at WrestleMania 39: 

1. The Return of CM Punk: It has been nearly five months since CM Punk has been out of action. His backstage brawl at All Elite Wrestling (AEW)'s event All Out with Kenny Omega and Young Bucks has spoiled his terms with AEW. While Tony Khan has not expressed any intention of bringing back Punk, it was also rumoured that AEW and CM Punk were thinking of a contract buyout. In such a situation, CM Punk can decide what he wants to do.

CM Punk. Photo: Twitter

While CM Punk might have walked away from WWE over his poor bookings, he might once again be approached by the creative team of WWE. As Vince McMahon always said  'do what's best for the business', even his son-in-law Triphe H, who has had a nasty duel with Punk last time, might bury the hatchet and bring Punk back.

2. Guest appearance of The Rock: The Rock was rumoured to lock horns with Roman Reigns weeks before WrestleMania 39 in Royal Rumble, and then participating at the main event at WretleMania. It was also expected to be the last show of The Rock in WWE before he hangs up his boots.

But his film committments couldn't let the deal with WWE happen, and Reigns is now expected to battle with Rhodes.

Photo: Getty Images

But this doesn't mean that 'The Brahma Bull', who is the crowd favorite can't make a special apperance for the fans at the grandest stage of them all.The Rock made his last WrestleMania appearance in WrestleMania 31 (2015) when he appeared with Ronda Rousey.

3. Sami Zayn winning the Chamionship: If this happens, it will be the biggest momemnt in Zayn's career. It will remind the WWE Universe of the underdog Daniel Bryan's rise to power where he scripted his way from a random rookie of NXT to the biggest crowd puller in WWE's history. Bryan conquered the two championship belts in one night at WrestleMania 30. 

Photo: Getty Images

Sami Zayn's story has quite a resemblance with his. The Canadian wrestler has been getting tremendous support from the WWE Universe ever since he has been inducted into the Bloodline story. Though Reigns vs Cody Rhodes is likely to happen, seeing the results of Elimination Chamber where Reigns didn't have a clean win over Zayn, the company might have plans of elevating Zayn to be the next Undisputed Universal Champion.

And if that happens, he might become the next big thing in the company after Reigns.

4. The return of Goldberg: Goldberg made his last apperance at Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia in February, 2022 where he squared off against Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. He lost the match via submission and has not been seen in action since then.

The probability of seeing Goldberg at WrestleMania is growing because his WWE contract which involves limited appearances has not yet expired. The company has reserved him for special events like Crown Jewel. And what can be bigger than WrestleMania.

The 55-year-old can charge up the crowd on WrestleMania night by throwing in some spears and Jackhammers.

5.  Vince McMahon addressing the WWE Universe: Former Chairman and the creator of WWE, Vince McMahon, can choose the WrestleMania night to announce his return to the company. After he was forced to step down as Chairman of the company over sexual harassment allegations, McMahon made a return to the Board of Directors of the company in 2023. 

Photo: Getty Images

McMahon might address the WWE Universe in his usual style, where he throws his hands while walking and yelling on the mike. The WWE Universe loves to hate McMahon and he knows how to sell it.

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