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Love, Depression, Mentalhealthawareness

How depression affected my perception of love

Depression makes you believe you are inconsequential. It makes you believe that your absence won't actually cause any difference to this universe or to your family and friends.


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Fomo, Work from home, Loner, Selflove

The New Year New Me is all for #JOMO over #FOMO

The past few days into the new year have winged in a new realisation, I love my own company more than ever. I am increasingly growing into a happy loner.


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Weight gain, Pregnancy, Body image, Weight

Inch Scape: Flab or fab, you have to be who you want to be

Forget the quips and quibs, desist from looking for validation and treat yourself like someone you love. Remember who you want to be. And be the person you want to be. Nothing else matters.


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Martial arts, Women's safety, Self defence, Kravmaga

Why Krav Maga is not just self-defence, but intelligent and pragmatic self-protection

Krav Maga works magnificently as an aid for women because it is an effective response to potential (or active) violence even when the attacker has physical advantage.


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Mehendi, Grey hair, Hair colour, Hairdye

How I survived silly dye experiments to make peace with the grey

Why dye? My hairstylist surprisingly sniffed in disapproval each time I broached the subject of colouring my locks.


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Depression, Insomnia, Medical treatment, Acupuncture

How acupuncture can help improve immunity and sleep

Acupuncture helps in treating chronic issues like insomnia and depression without causing any side-effects.


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Parenting, Regional Languages, Mother tongue, Punjabi

How Punjabi glued us together, across generations and countries

Robust, rugged and sometimes rib-tickling, Punjabi and the ability to converse in it is a pivotal ice-breaker. I speak from experience.


 |  KOCH DIARIES |  5-minute read
Food, Ilish, Bengali Cuisine, HilsaKOCH DIARIES

Hilsa is a grossly overrated and overpriced fish. Forget what Bengalis say

Yes, Hilsa tastes good. But have you seen the sheer amount of tiny little bones that this treacherous fish comes with?


 |  6-minute read
Book excerpt, Fetch your own coffee

Fetch your own coffee: A compilation of life's profound lessons

An exclusive excerpt from author Kaustubh Sonalkar's upcoming book, Fetch Your Own Coffee, that is a compilation of some truly profound lessons that the author has derived from his experiences over the years.


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Lockdown parenting, Toddlers, Privacy, Parenting

Privacy as a parent? What's that?

When you have children, you sign over your right to privacy. It is an instant process, with no clauses attached explaining when you might possibly retrieve it.