What gifts would Gen Z give as Secret Santa this Christmas?

Tanushree Debbarma
Tanushree DebbarmaDec 21, 2023 | 08:00

What gifts would Gen Z give as Secret Santa this Christmas?

Secret Santa is like this cool tradition where everyone in a group gives a gift to the person they randomly pick.

As the Christmas holiday season approaches, the tradition of Secret Santa is once again in full swing. For Generation Z, known for their wit, humor, and unique taste, the question arises: What sassy and fun gifts would they choose to surprise their Secret Santa recipients? 

Here are the trending sassy gifts Gen Z would give in 2023.

What is the Secret Santa tradition?

Secret Santa is a cool tradition where everyone in a group gives a gift to the person they randomly pick. You don't know who's giving you a gift until the big reveal. People do this at work, school, or with friends—it's a fun and festive way to celebrate. The whole idea is to share surprise and joy with thoughtful or funny gifts while keeping the mystery of who gave it!


1. Twerking Santa

The twerking Santa is currently all the rage on the internet among Gen Z. It may already sound hilarious to imagine Santa twerking, but that's what sassy gifts are all about.

2. Wraps oneself

A trend has emerged where people playfully wrap themselves as a humorous and self-assured Christmas gift, adding a unique touch to the festive season. This reflects the spirit of joy, self-love, and humor, making it a delightful contribution to holiday festivities.

3. Brain figurines

Although not exclusively Gen Z-centric, gifting brain figurines during Christmas is a hilarious and savage gesture. However, not everyone may appreciate a sarcastic joke, so be careful about whom you plan to gift it to this Christmas.

4. Customised hand gloves:

Customized hand gloves are one of the best gifts for winters, but Gen Z takes it to another level by transforming them into cat paws or incorporating elements that the receiver loves a lot.

5. Customized Memes and Stickers

In the age of memes and emojis, Gen Z has mastered the art of digital communication. Gifting personalized memes or stickers featuring inside jokes or funny moments shared with the recipient can be a hilarious and thoughtful gesture. Online platforms offer easy tools to create custom stickers, ensuring a one-of-a-kind present.


6. Trendy and Playful Apparel

Gen Z showcases their unique fashion sense with trendy items like turtle pillows and shark blankets. Serving as both cozy accessories and stylish additions to personal spaces, these quirky designs reflect Gen Z's love for unconventional and eye-catching trends. Whether resembling adorable turtles or playful sharks, these items transcend practicality for Gen Z, becoming fashion-forward choices that blend comfort with a playful touch.

7. DIY Customizable Kits

Gifting a DIY customizable kit is a thoughtful choice when you are unsure of their preferences, allowing them to customize it. This could be anything from a paint-your-own-mug set, a custom keychain-making kit, or even a DIY terrarium set. Not only does it add a personal touch, but it also provides an opportunity for the recipient to unleash their artistic side.

8. Retro Gadgets and Toys

Gen Z, despite being tech-savvy, has a soft spot for nostalgia. Surprise your Secret Santa recipient with retro gadgets or toys that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Think vintage video games, a classic Polaroid camera, or a throwback board game. These gifts not only provide entertainment but also a trip down memory lane.

9. Personalized Zodiac or Astrology Items

Astrology holds a special place in the hearts of many Gen Z individuals. Consider gifting personalised zodiac-themed items, such as a custom astrology trait book, zodiac-themed jewelry, or even witty astrology-themed journal stickers. It adds a touch of mystique and personalization to the gift.


10. Fidget Phone cases

Gen Z's gift-giving style blends sassy humor with genuine empathy. While their playful nature is evident in witty presents, there's also a deeper layer of empathy and acceptance. A noteworthy trend is the consideration of mental well-being, with fidget cases emerging as popular gifts. These cases, designed for stress relief, reflect Gen Z's thoughtful approach to addressing anxiety concerns among their peers.

In the spirit of giving, Gen Z's Secret Santa gifts go beyond the ordinary, blending humor, creativity, and a personalized touch. Which of these Gen Z gifts would you choose for a Secret Santa exchange? Share your thoughts!

Last updated: December 21, 2023 | 10:27
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