7 tips to make your airport struggle easier this travel season 2022

Ishita Srivastava
Ishita SrivastavaJul 27, 2022 | 07:30

7 tips to make your airport struggle easier this travel season 2022

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Booked your tickets for a holiday but now dreading actually going on it because of the crowd (and other hassles)? Understandable. With airports not having enough staff for operations and airlines struggling to ensure safe and comfortable flights, reaching your holiday destination can be quite the struggle.

Here are 7 tips you can follow to make your airport struggle a little easier.


1. Keep screenshots of all your necessary documents:

Instead of relying on airport Wi-Fi or your mobile network and holding up lines, take screenshots of your tickets, vaccination certificates and all other important documents you may need to board your flight.

2. Avoid checking-in your bags at the airport: Due to shortage of airport staff, the handling of luggage has completely fallen into a state of disarray, which has eventually led to hundreds of bags being lost in transit. So, if you can, restrict your luggage to that one cabin bag (again, only if you can).

It may be a challenge, but try fitting your clothes and other items in carry-on bags to ensure your luggage does not get lost.

And on that note,

3. Use a tracker: If you can’t fit all your items in a carry-on and can afford to, buy a tracker and connect it to your phone. Check out this video to see how this works.

4. Pack a backup bag in case of delay or cancellation:

In times like these, it is best to be prepared for flight delays and cancellations. And the easiest way to do that is by packing a backup bag with your essentials such as a change of outfit, snacks, a charged power bank, charging wires and medication.


5. Book your tickets directly through the airline:

Instead of going through third-party flight booking services, try using the airline's own website to book your flight. In case of cancellations or delay, you would receive a much efficient customer service and be able to re-book another flight sooner.

6. Check-in before you arrive at the airport: We all know how dreadful waiting in the check-in lines can be, but the good thing is, most airlines now give you the option to check-in 24 to 48 hours before departure time.

Try looking for this option before you arrive at the airport so that you can easily select the seats you like on the flight, as well as save yourself from the hassle of waiting in very long queues.

7.  Use! The! Airport! Monitors! For! Information!

Instead of trying to find airport staff to answer simple questions as gate numbers and boarding time, check the airport monitors. By asking the staff, not only do you delay and confuse them, but also end up getting late for your flight.

Happy travelling!

Last updated: July 27, 2022 | 07:30
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