A new dating trend is turning you into Eagle, Bear, Dog or Bunny. What are you?

DailyBiteJun 02, 2023 | 08:30

A new dating trend is turning you into Eagle, Bear, Dog or Bunny. What are you?

Girls are classified as : Fox, Bunny, Deer or a Cat.  Photo: dailyO

Do you know what is harder than dating these days? Keeping track of dating trends. Now, there's a new dating trend sweeping social media where your physical appearance is compared to that of an animal. Is this morally and ethically right? Hell no. But will people still participate? Of course.

So, how does it work?

For men, you will have four categories (which means that men's approach can be categorised into four), according to several Twitter users and theories on social media:  'Eagle Handsome', 'Dog Handsome', 'Reptilian Handsome' or 'Bear Handsome'. 


I don't know guys if you should be offended by this or not, but we are confused too.

But if you wanna know, what category you fit, here's a guide:  

  • Bear handsome: It means you have a round face and broad shoulders.
  • Reptilian handsome: It means you have a straight nose and sharp eyes.
  • Dog handsome: It means you have big eyes and a cheeky smile

and finally

  • Eagle handsome: It means you have small eyes and a long nose.

So, next time if a girl calls you a dog... she probably means dog handsome, and that you're just as handsome as Heath Ledger was. 

But Twitter users had some new innovative ideas as usual:

Before you jump on me and scream why are we targeting only men, social media has also categorised women into four categories. These are fox, bunny, deer and cat.  

  • A bunny means you have light hair, a round face and soft facial features.
  • A cat equates to dark hair, light eyes and sharp features.
  • A deer suggests you have dark hair and eyes, and a longer face with soft features.
  • A fox means you have light hair, a long face and sharp features.

If you think you don't fit in any of these categories? You're probably a mix or a mutant according to this theory. 

Last updated: June 02, 2023 | 08:30
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