Are you loud quitting or rage applying at work? 2023 Workplace trends you need to know

Amrutha Pagad
Amrutha PagadJan 18, 2023 | 10:29

Are you loud quitting or rage applying at work? 2023 Workplace trends you need to know

Workplace trends for 2023. Photo: DailyO

How are you doing at work today? Are you staring daggers at everything in sight with a smile on your face? Or are you in a phase where you just cannot care enough? Or are you for a change actually having some fun at work (fun+work, two words that haven't been used together in a while)? 

After quiet quitting, quiet firing, moonlighting, etc, etc, 2023 has some new workplace trending terms to make sense of the world in disorder. 


Here are some we are discussing:

  • Rage applying
  • Loud quitting 
  • Quiet hiring 

What's rage applying? Well, you are tired of your job; you don't feel like you are being paid enough, respected enough, or just had a bad day really. 

  • So what do you do? You cannot quit, because have you seen the prices of EVERYTHING yet? Even if you have quietly quit your current job, it's not satisfying enough. After all, you still have some 'passion' left in your blood and feel like you have a purpose in this life. So, you have to do something more meaningful. 
  • This is where rage applying comes in. The term is self-explanatory. It is when you apply for multiple jobs out of anger and dissatisfaction with your current job. 
  • It's not an alien concept and of course, applying to jobs because you are unhappy with the current one or want a better pay has always existed. But of course, by coining a new term, it is giving the concept a more conscious thought. 
  • According to career coaches on social media, rage applying can be an efficient way of using the anger against your current job to get the best out of it. On TikTok, people are sharing how they landed in a better workplace with better pay as a result of rage applying. 

  • While it includes applying to tens or maybe hundreds of jobs on a whim without a lot of thought, you may be able to find that one good offer to take the plunge in. It's like going to a sale and trying to find the best out of a mountain of not-so-good products. 

Are you already at this stage? 

Next up is loud quitting.

What's loud quitting now? We were only trying to wrap our heads around quiet quitting, and already a new term is coming around. Well, in a nutshell, loud quitting is the opposite of quiet quitting.

Do you say "That's it, I'm done, I'm not taking it anymore," and storm out of the office? NOPE! You do NOT do that.

  • Instead, you go to the negotiation table. This is a high-risk strategy as well, because it may not work in your favour after all. But if you are confident and willing to take risks, then this is it for you. 
  • Loud quitting basically means telling your current workplace that you are thinking of changing jobs because you are not happy with the pay or whatever it is. Or you tell them that you already have a job offer (doesn't matter if you do or not, but it's better you do) and are planning to take it. 
  • This way you can negotiate for better pay, perhaps more than what a new place is willing to offer if you have an offer, and better benefits. 
  • It may not work in your favour because your current job may let you go.

 And what's quiet hiring? This is a term that Gartner, a management consulting company, coined as one of the workplace trends for 2023. 

  • This term has more to do with the management of a company than the employee. 
  • It means that a company may acquire new skills without having to hire new full-time employees. It can mean that companies bring in short-term contractors or give their existing employees added roles and responsibilities. 
  • While it can benefit a company, it can also irritate the employee who has to do more than what s/he was for or possibly not interested in. 

Speaking about quiet hiring, this tweet is definitely something to think about.

Which workplace trending stage, do you think you are in? 

Last updated: January 18, 2023 | 10:29
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