Chicken nuggets for vegetarians now: Why is vegetarianism treated so callously?

Stop calling vegetables ghas-phoos, please! And we know plants are living things too. Vegetarianism is simply an individual choice that doesn't need to be defended, or offended, constantly.

 |  3-minute read |   28-01-2019
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At one point in time, non-vegetarians must realise that they are not in high school any more. Making fun of a vegetarian classmate and then forcing him or her to have something non-veg and shouting ‘You are no more a vegetarian now!’ should be considered the worst kind of bullying, which also has some gross elements of sadism.

It doesn't even stop at individuals.

Every time there’s news of a famous food chain serving non-veg food items to someone who asked for a vegetarian dish, I feel that vegetarianism is one ‘ism’ that’s treated too casually across the world.

Not going into the food politics of India — which has about a 40 per cent vegetarian population — but speaking in general about people’s perception, their attitude, clear condescension, etc.

n_012819052334.jpgWhy so casual? (Photo: Reuters)

Reports say a famous fast food chain served chicken nuggets in veggie wraps all over the UK and has apologised. What else can it do now that the damage has already been done? It should have been more careful. It can promise to be more careful.

But guess what people, in general, have to say about this fiasco?

‘Why do vegetarians even go to such places?'

‘Isn’t chicken veg?’

‘That chicken was a vegetarian’

‘I represent PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals’


Why is vegetarianism so funny? Not all vegetarians are animal lovers or non-veg-haters. Vegetarians are simply a group of people often targeted by a seriously angry non-veg population. Here’s a few samples of such 'non-veg' barbs:

vegetarian-inside_012819042239.jpgVegetables are loaded with nutrients. We don't know why there's a sense of condescension about them though. (Photo: Reuters) 

It’s not 'ghas-phoos'

Stop referring to vegetables as ‘ghas-phoos’. The condescension and a ‘protein upper hand’ are evident in that term. Don’t you yourself put potatoes into everything you cook? Does the potato represent 'ghas-phoos' in your mind?

If yes, then you may need some help.

brahmin_012819042250.jpgCan we please set food free from the brackets of caste and religion now? (Photo: Twitter)

It’s not always about religion

Stop asking about his or her religion, caste and place of birth the moment you come to know that someone is a vegetarian.

Also, this question: "Have you not ever had meat?"

How does it matter?

Of course, she/he has had, fed by bullies in school or by big food chains outside school.

'Plants have lives too': Guess what? We knew that already

If you are a vegetarian, you will stand up in support of this.

How many times have you heard people saying “Plants have lives too. You are hurting plants as well”.

Guess what?

We already knew this. But thanks for letting the world know that you too studied something in school. But clearly, you didn't learn enough to respect other people's food choices.

And this works vice-versa. Vegetarians taking a moral upper hand by shaming others as meat-eating or fish-eating people is not funny at all.

We are not doing any favours to anyone, by eating or not eating some dishes.

We are just eating.

Or not eating.

Let's do that in peace. 

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