How I discovered feminism in everyday life

With the discourse on feminism expanding to newer dimensions, Harper's Bazaar gets writers, artists, and designers to weigh in.

 |  1-minute read |   04-09-2016
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I caught these terribly graceful, young school girls on their way home through the Chashme Shahi Garden in Srinagar, Kashmir. I can’t imagine the world they’ve grown up in, full of daily disruption, curfews, blackouts, agitation, and other adversities that prevent regular education.

It reminded me that in so many places in the world, for a woman to attend school is an act of rebellion. What made the moment more poignant was that this was on a trip I had taken with my half-Kashmiri friend, screenwriter Neha Kaul Mehra. It was just us, two girls, exploring Kashmir on our own.

Everyone told us we were crazy, but, sometimes, an act of rebellion goes a long way.

jk-girl-embed_090416083055.jpg A schoolgirl in Kashmir. (Photo: India Today) 

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