Why wait for a year? Happy New Day to you!

It is equally important and equally new.

 |  2-minute read |   03-01-2017
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So, a New Year has arrived. Something new is always refreshing, exciting, energising, and what not. New brings a smile on our face, new wakes up the kid inside us, once again. New makes us happy always. We make several resolutions, then fail to keep them. Do we need a year to realise that? No, not at all!

New is new

You feel happy when you buy something new. You feel happy when you get a new job. You feel happy when a newborn arrives in your family. You feel happy with anything that is "new". Why do we overlook a new day then?

New day, new opportunities  

You fail today; you have a new day to prove yourself. You feel sad today; you have a new day to feel happy. You cry today; you have a new day to smile. The way the sun rises every day, you have an opportunity to rise, to shine, to wake up, to walk, to sit, to think, to start, once again.

smile-embed_010317080451.jpg You have a new day to smile at. (Photo: Reuters)

Good morning! New morning!

You wish everyone good morning every day. It’s not just good but new too. Wake up, plan your day, show gratitude to god for allowing you to open your eyes on this new day. It’s a great opportunity. Feel lucky to have something new so early in your life, and that too, every day. Why wait for a year to do new things?  Take charge, smile and get ready to make this new day, your best day, the day you can cherish forever.  

Happy New Day!

So, instead of just wishing Happy New Year, start celebrating each day of your life. It is equally important and equally new. Wish your loved ones "A Happy Day" every day. It will charge you up and them too. Happy Day to you!

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