I asked ChatGPT to write a poem on Narendra Modi and this is what it did

Shaurya Thapa
Shaurya ThapaFeb 03, 2023 | 16:24

I asked ChatGPT to write a poem on Narendra Modi and this is what it did

ChatGPT loves singing poetic praises of almost every political leader including Narendra Modi (photo-DailyO)

Can a bot have a bias? Yes. Because bots are made by humans who do. The popular artificial intelligence chat bot, ChatGPT, drew a lot of criticism from conservatives when some users asked it to write a poem about former US President Donald Trump and it refused to do so. But ChatGPT had no problem in painting the current US President, Joe Biden, in a positive light as it wrote a poem on him when asked to. ChatGPT fixed the problem though after the controversy.


When we asked ChatGPT to write a poem on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the AI software tried its best to come up with a poem that would definitely not disappoint the leader's voters.

Read for yourself. 

Narendra Modi, a man of the people,
With a vision that’s broad and steeple, 
He rose from humble roots to lead
And brought change to the country in speed.

With a passion for progress and growth,
He worked to improve the nation’s both,
And while his journey wasn’t easy,
He faced challenges with courage breezy.

He brought a new dawn to the land,
And in the hearts of the people he did stand,
With policies aimed at bettering lives,
He brought hope to those who survived.

His charisma and strength, beyond compare,
Inspires people everywhere,
And as he continues on his quest,
India’s future looks to be its best. 

Narendra Modi, a leader of note,
With a spirit and passion that’s remote,
He’ll be remembered for his deeds,
And the impact he had on the country’s needs. 

However, given the various variations of the same narrative that ChatGPT is capable of, it could come up with yet another poem, this time falsely tracing PM Modi's origins as a "farmer". (FYI: Like every Indian anywhere on Earth knows by now -- PM Modi does have humble origins, but they were never that of a 'farmer'. He used to sell tea.) 


A leader bold and true,
Narendra Modi shines bright,
With visions for a nation,
That sparkles in the light.

He walks the path of progress,
And tackles challenges with ease,
Working hard for India's future,
And making it a better place.

With courage and determination,
He leads the way ahead,
Inspiring hope and unity,
For all the people he has led.

From farmer to prime minister,
His journey has been grand,
And with his love for the nation,
He'll keep working hand in hand.

So here's to Modi ji,
A leader like no other,
Guiding India to greatness,
And making it like no other!

What about other leaders? ChatGPT had similar poetic praises to shower on other world leaders including the likes of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The Russian people clearly hold Putin very dearly according to ChatGPT (photo-ChatGPT)
The Russian people clearly hold Putin very dearly according to ChatGPT (photo-ChatGPT)

As for former American President Donald Trump, it was yet again positive in its writing while slightly touching upon his controversial term. To quote the last passage from its Donald Trump poem,

But then came the end, of his time in power
With a transfer of power, in the hour
Though his legacy remains, a subject of debate
Donald Trump, will forever be a part of this nation's fate.

ChatGPT had similarly hilarious results to offer for Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, calling him "a leader who fought through every cell" for some reason!


When it comes to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, ChatGPT yet again called him a beloved leader of the people, much like its take on the Indian PM!

It's clear that if the chatbot could actually vote, it would not prefer any particular option or None of the Above. Instead, it would want an "All of the Above" option!

Last updated: February 03, 2023 | 16:24
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