This Mother's Day, I want nothing from you, my son

Sonia Chopra
Sonia ChopraMay 08, 2016 | 12:12

This Mother's Day, I want nothing from you, my son

Dear son,

They say newborns can't focus but you looked at me with eyes wide open the first time I held you. When I touched you, I felt that a piece of my missing soul had been returned to me.

They say toddlers are unbearably naughty and exasperating but you taught me stuff I did not know. How satisfying it is to bite on ice when your teeth start growing, how gritty sand actually tastes and how the power you feel when you hold that first cracker in your hand.


I took thousands of pictures of the way you laughed when you first tasted ice-cream, the joy of the first roller coaster ride and trotting around in your first pair of sneakers.


Through your eyes, I was able to see the wonder of unfathomable secrets the books hold, the triumph of building tall towers with blocks and the joy of sharing with your first kindergarten friend.

I went through the agony of those teenage breakouts, the cracking of your voice, that first pair of expensive jeans that defined you and that real short haircut that you had to have.

Your first girlfriend, your first car, your first pay cheque and your first bank account.

Nineteen years have passed by quickly. You were easy to raise. You were a good, happy and calm child. You did well academically. You are going to graduate from high school in a few days and you'll be in college by fall.

You were here with me the last Mother's Day. Now you are in your freshman year and you are out there in the world. And, I want you to know that I love you. You came into my life and made me who I am today. You are my life's work, my legacy, my gift.


So I let you go, armed with my love, my blessings, my trust and my faith that you will be victorious in your pursuits and make a significant change in the world.

This Mother's Day, I want nothing from you because you already gave me everything a mother could ask for. I am proud of you for being a smart, thoughtful kid, who has made all the right choices.

I held your hand in the first few years of your life, but now you hold mine. You love me back. I gave you all I had and you made it worthwhile.

You made me win the race. I feel like I am the greatest mom ever because you are my best friend.

You made every day Mother's Day, so I don't need a special day to celebrate. I do it daily.

Thank you, son. God bless you.

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