Pixie Curtis and 5 other kids who became millionaires before they turned 18

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Pixie Curtis and 5 other kids who became millionaires before they turned 18

Last year, her birthday party went viral as she spent more than Rs 3,304,415. Photo: Instagram/Pixie Curtis

Children can do anything they want, but 11-year-old Pixie Curtis has taken things to a whole new level. For context: Only 76 lakh Indians earn more than Rs one crore every month, and so does Pixie.


According to news.com.au, Pixie from Australia has announced her intention to 'retire' in order to 'focus on her studies'. 

Pixie has decided to hang her online toy store shoes up to focus on her impending entry into high school. 
- Roxy Jacenko, Pixie's mom

 Pixie earns more than $133,000 (Rs 1.1 crore) every month. She lives a luxurious life, she even owns a Mercedes (she can't drive it though). Last year, her birthday party went viral as she spent more than 40,000 dollars (Rs 33 lakh).  

How is she earning so much money? 

  • Her income comes from Pixie's Pix, a firm that sells hair bows, headbands and clips. 
  • To promote her items, she uses her Instagram account where is she very active, and has more than 1 lakh followers. 
  • The girl's mother, Roxy Jacenko, founded the company.

Jacenko explained that the decision wasn't taken easily and it was made together as a family. "In short, over the past few months, we have been discussing the business plans going forward as a family and decided that while it has been an amazing journey starting some three years ago, it was time to refocus on studies with high school just around the corner.

Pixie and her mother hoped that by the age of 15, Pixie would be a millionaire. However, she became one when she was only 10 years old, and hence her early retirement. But, Pixie is not alone who has made her name and fame and made it into the millionaires' list even before graduating, There are many others who became a millionaire even before they were 18.


Cory Nieves 

Eighteen-year-old entrepreneur Cory Nieves is the head of his brand Mr Cory's Cookies, which is an all-natural and high-quality cookie store. He started this store because he wanted to buy a car for his mother when he was just six-year-old.

  He has worked with various brands including Barney's, Bloomingdales, Ralph Lauren, Viacom etc.

Photo: Cory Nieves ​​​​​​/Afrotech

His current net income is $ 1 million.  

Mikalia Ulmer 

Mikalia Ulmer started her empire when she was just 4-and-a-half-year-old and started selling lemonade outside her house with her Grandmom's recipe. 

Photo: Mikalia Ulmer/Inspiremykids.com/

Today, her Net Worth is 1.5 million dollars  ( Rs 113.85 crore) and her lemonade is available in 500 American shops. 

She literally took lemons and made lemonade!

Charli Grace D'Amelio

Charli Grace D'Amelio, the famous TikTok star, is now 18 years old, and has a net worth of more than 20 million dollars. She was a dancer when she was just 10 years old and started her TikTok account in 2019. Today she has more than 150 million followers on her TikTok account and charges $100,000 per sponsored TikTok post! 

Photo: Charli Grace D'Amelio/ Tiktokwiki

Finn Woldfard

The Stranger Things star who played Mike Wheller, is a Canadian actor, musician, and director. He started his career when he was just 14 years old, and his current net worth is more than 7 million dollars.

Photo: Finn Woldfard/ IMBD

Jo Jo Siwa 

Joelle Joanie Siwa's net worth is estimated to be at $14 million USD. Jojo, now 19, is an actress, singer, dancer, and YouTube personality in the United States.

Photo: JoJo Siwa/ WIKI

She rose to prominence due to her vlogs, which she posts on her YouTube channel, which has 12 million subscribers, and her role in the show Dancing Moms alongside her mother.

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