Why celeb break-ups are a joke

Shikha Kumar
Shikha KumarSep 16, 2015 | 15:32

Why celeb break-ups are a joke

All it takes is a tweet for celebrities to dissolve the entire fabric of marriage unabashedly.

Konkana Sen Sharma and Ranvir Shorey recently announced their split stating they'll remain friends and co-parent their son. I mean no offence, but if they could truly be jovial friends and intended to harmoniously raise their child together, they wouldn't have been tweeting about divorce ever. Now, I'm not trying to say that being in a suffocating relationship is wise, yet putting up a deceiving face of "amicable separation" is criticisable. It shows that either celebrities are very casual about the institution called marriage, or can't stop acting on the face of the world to cover ugly truths about their relationships.

Not too long ago, even Hrithik Roshan announced his separation in a very pitiable fashion. He categorically mentioned that his wife wants to end their 17-year-old relationship and if her smiles are brighter without him, he must grant it. What was he trying to portray? Is it that one day Sussanne woke up, and while rubbing her eyes in front of the bathroom mirror, the mother-of-two suddenly decided that she would be better off without his drop dead handsome husband?

I personally felt it was highly unfair of Hrithik to paint Sussanne as frivolous over the separation and attempt to fetch sympathy for himself exclusively. We understand and respect the privacy of a couple in troubled times, but issuing statements that are not only hard-to-believe but also profanes the idea of a sacred bond is uncalled for.

I would rather like to stand by Kamal Haasan, who maintains that he has had a failed marriage and is not a believer of marriage anymore. He pursues an open relationship that comes with no strings attached. I don't mean to support his ideology but I certainly appreciate him for a non-hypocrital stand.

Rati Agnihotri also recently announced her decision to walk out of her marriage after years of suffering and living with the false hope of things changing for good some day. She earns your respect instantly for putting forth the credible reason of her choice.

But unfortunately, most of the celebrities are so nonchalant over failed relationships that it makes one doubt if they even had an earnest one in the first place. It begs the question if they were emotionally involved at all, for announcements for separation give the impression that they are ready to move on without a frown.

"I still believe in marriage", "we are still the best of friends" - trust me the audience has had enough of such "just-for-the-heck-of-it" kind of statements.

Marriages don't fail if friendship can manage to be a part of the deal. If partners truly have a sense of compassion towards each other, they will play a long innings of togetherness.

So please, Ranvir and Konkona, we completely understand you are going through a tough time, and it might not be literally a happy decision for you. All I urge is to stop feigning happiness and still committing to be friends. When your journey together is ending, you must look to make another beginning instead. Don't fool us as being friends; we would prefer no statement or a believable one.

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