Rs 19k Dior water and 9 ridiculously expensive products that got brands trolled apart

Tanushree Debbarma
Tanushree DebbarmaNov 16, 2023 | 18:00

Rs 19k Dior water and 9 ridiculously expensive products that got brands trolled apart

Photo- Ridiculously expensive products that have blew minds of people and became prime targets for trolling.

In the world of luxury, some brands venture beyond the ordinary, pushing the boundaries of pricing into the stratosphere. While these sky-high prices may awe some, they often trigger a wave of bemusement and playful ridicule among the public. 

Here are 10 instances where exorbitantly priced products not only raised eyebrows but also became targets for social media mockery and satire.


1.Mr Kennedy's Rs 15,81,617 Golden Shoelaces:

This luxury shoelace brand introduced a pair of 24-karat gold shoelaces. While some saw it as a status symbol, others couldn't resist poking fun at the idea of walking on gold threads.

2. Beverly Hills 9OH2O's Rs 65 Lakh Diamond-Encrusted Water Bottle:

A diamond-studded water bottle priced at an astonishing Rs 65 Lakh drew ridicule, questioning the rationale behind paying a fortune for tap water in a bedazzled container.

3. Krispy Kreme's Rs 14,0258 Edible Gold Doughnut:

Rs 14,0258 edible gold doughnut by Krispy Kreme triggered debates on the practicality and taste of consuming gold, leading to both fascination and ridicule.

Photo credit- Luxury launches

4. Nordstrom's Rs 35,373 Mud-Coated Jeans:

Marketed as rugged fashion, these mud-coated jeans faced backlash, with social media users ironically highlighting the premium attached to jeans resembling a day on a muddy construction site.

5. Louis Vuitton's Rs 51 Lakh Trash Bag:


Louis Vuitton's Rs 51 Lakh trash bag raised eyebrows, prompting mockery about spending a fortune just to dispose of garbage in style.


6. Prada's Rs 15,000 Designer Paperclip:

Priced at Rs 15,000, this designer paperclip became a symbol of excessive luxury, inviting a deluge of memes and sarcastic comments across social media.

7.Goldgenie's Rs 2 Crore Gold-Plated Bicycle:

A gold-plated bicycle priced at Rs 2 crore sparked satire, with users questioning the logic behind investing in a gilded two-wheeler.

Photo credit- Goldgenie

8. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond's Rs 360 Crore Diamond-Encrusted Cell Phone:

With excessive diamond use, this phone drew attention and sarcasm, questioning the need for a device costing more than a mansion.

9. Gucci's Rs 95,000 Designer Ghost Tote Bag:

Priced at Rs 95,000, this perplexing ghost statue incited playful jabs online, turning it into a symbol of extravagant absurdity.

Photo- Twitter/@SaccharineBliss

10. Dior's Rs 19,000 Scented Water for Babies:


Dior's Baby Dior collection, including scented water at Rs 19,000, sparked ridicule, questioning the necessity of pricey water for infants and leading to humorous speculations about its contents.

In the pursuit of exclusivity, luxury brands occasionally overshoot rational pricing, making them susceptible to online teasing and brand mockery. These 10 absurdly expensive products stand as testaments to the fact that even the most esteemed brands can't evade the scrutiny and jest of the virtual audience in the age of social media.

Last updated: November 16, 2023 | 18:00
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