Ten things I learnt from dating apps

Nishant Nayyar
Nishant NayyarNov 28, 2014 | 18:30

Ten things I learnt from dating apps

Believe me, dating apps are made of things that are a lot more than what meets the eye.

There are many, many more expats on these apps 

Don’t believe me? Try using Tinder. On an average, there seem to me to be three to four expats among every ten girls (which is an astonishingly large number). I haven’t come across so many expats ever since my days at AIESEC. And they have standards.


Married women are on, too 

No offence to the married women out there. But the number of women who share screen space with their respected hubbies on their profiles is growing. It’s like an epidemic. Or, maybe, it’s the weather – but I am just amazed to see so many "taken" women on these apps.

Middle-aged women have also hopped on to the bandwagon 

I don’t know whether these app developers should re-consider having an age-limit, but this might be too much. The other day, I stumbled upon a very appealing 45 year-old (ahem). Thankfully, the thought that I live with my folks crept in and I politely swiped left.

The "Miles" tab is downright redundant 

Some of you might get excited seeing a potential match just under two miles away. Well, hold your horses, bro. Tinder always miscalculates the physical distance of the prospective profile. While it wasn't exactly disheartening to learn this, it surely made me aware of how Tinder can goof things up.

You will brush up your stalking skills 

Sooner or later, you will come across a profile that has common interests and common friends. And if you’re genuinely interested in the recommendation, you will set out on this curious path – to find out every living detail about that person. I know it's an extreme, but you will definitely search for the person on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Not everyone is here for fun 

Seriously, why did so many people start using these apps in the first place? In search of true love? I don’t know about that but I surely know how to scoot away as soon as I see "In search of my Raj" because I am. genuinely. not interested.

You won't always run into the gender of your preference 

Sometimes, I become really baffled with how the algorithms of these apps work. Or, maybe, Tinder and other immensely popular apps have identity issues. I am male, and only look for females. But Tinder does show male recommendations on and off, which can get aggravating.

People have a tough time describing themselves 

"Hi, I am fun-filled girl/ I’m just a simple girl/ I love my life", are some bios I have come across. Then, there are a few which run into ten long pages. I mean, if you’re on this app, I assume you have a Smartphone. I would suggest you download an app that teaches you to how to introduce yourself. Just copy, paste, and get on with it.

And there are some who give TMI (Too Much Information) 


Forget about bio. Some people give out their personal email ids, Snapchat accounts, Instagram and Twitter handles. It's good to authenticate your profile, but isn't giving out email ids and BBM pins way too much? Why not just reveal your contact number?

It’s a lonely hearts clubs

… with zero humanity. There are so many people on the app that it’s likely to leave you dissatisfied. What if you match with someone, meet twice, and the interest fizzles out? You’ll be back for more. And before you realise it, you’ll end up in a vicious circle. But who cares?

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