Twitter is disgusted by the TikTok-viral pink sauce. No, not the pink sauce that goes in your pasta

Ishita Srivastava
Ishita SrivastavaJul 21, 2022 | 19:11

Twitter is disgusted by the TikTok-viral pink sauce. No, not the pink sauce that goes in your pasta

Cheff Pii and the pink sauce. Photo: Instagram/chef.pii

In what can be called another TikTok trend, a new edible item called ‘pink sauce’ is going viral on the social media app. We aren’t talking about pink sauce pasta that you may have tried but an actual condiment in the colour pink.

The pink sauce. Photo: Twitter/PopCrave

(Yes, that is literally how it looks)

Who made the sauce? A Miami, US based private chef and mixologist known as Chef Pii has been selling the pink condiment since July 1.

On her Instagram account, she posts TikTok videos of herself covering hamburgers and KFC chicken in the pink stuff and eating. As of July 21, she has 40.6K followers.

Check out this video of her eating a McDonald's Big Mac covered in the pink sauce:

Not once has Pii shared how the sauce actually tastes.

What is the sauce made of? On the pink sauce’s official website, Pii has detailed the ingredients of the pink sauce. She makes the sauce using dragonfruit, sunflower seed oil, honey, chilies and garlic.

The ingredients in the pink sauce. Photo: thepinksauce.com

Here is the nutritional value of the sauce:

Nutritional chart of the pink sauce. Photo: thepinksauce.com

There is no dairy, protein, or cholesterol, and high levels of Vitamin C present in the sauce. The sauce is currently priced at US $20 (nearly Rs 1,600).

Twitter hates it: While TikTok may love the sauce, Twitter completely disagrees and is questioning everything.

One user said, ““Pink sauce” doesn’t even sound appetizing… y’all would eat at the chum bucket I’m convinced." (sic)

Another brought an important health concern about the sauce to light. The user tweeted, “The label doesn't list any dyes, so how is it that color? And milk? Being shipped without refrigeration. Plus all the acid in there with the vinegar and lemon juice, that would curdle the milk anyway.” (sic)

A user also talked about the heatwave and the sauce being shipped during it. The user wrote,"I'm deep in this "pink sauce" business and I cannot believe you children are buying sauce with no preservatives from a woman in Miami and shipping it across state lines during this record breaking weather. Y'all know we don't have free healthcare.”

One user went ahead and cracked a joke about what the sauce can do to you. “Using Pink Sauce will make you pass out and wake up 40 miles away from your home and in someone's basement,” is what they tweeted.

Another user simply wrote, "cause of death: pink sauce."

But if you think the jokes were only being cracked by regular Twitter users, you are wrong. Even Netflix cracked one and tweeted, “Just got my pink sauce. I know what I'm doing tonight!”

What does Phii say: The massive backlash led Phii to release a TikTok video that she captioned it, “WE ARE FIXING THE ISSUES.”

In the video, she said that she will be fixing the nutritional label on the future bottles of pink sauce and apologised for the label errors. She also mentioned that she is in the process of lowering the price of the sauce.

Photo: Mashable/TikTok / @Chef.Pii.

Will you be willing to try this pink sauce?
(FYI: the pink sauce that goes in your pasta is actually called rose or parma rosa and is basically alfredo mixed with marinara; or in common terms a mixture of red and white sauce.)

Last updated: July 21, 2022 | 19:11
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