How my sister's disability became a source of inspiration for me

Snigdha Mishra
Snigdha MishraDec 03, 2015 | 17:43

How my sister's disability became a source of inspiration for me

When I was four, I yearned to have a sibling. So one time, I prayed to God, “Please give me a little sister. That is all I need!” My parents teased me and said that I'll have to pray more than once to have a sister. I took their words to heart. What are children if not innocent? So I prayed as much as possible, all the time.


My patience was rewarded and my prayers were answered. God gifted me with the most beautiful sister in the world. When I saw her, the power of prayer dawned upon me. She was perfect! My Shubhra, an angel with gorgeous blue eyes. I was in love. Her happiness meant the world to me.

Time passed and my little one grew up to be a lady and not just an ordinary one. She was special. She was a daughter every parent could ask for, a friend everyone wished for.

It was only natural that I was fiercely protective of Shubhra. But life doesn't go as we plan. The most unexpected happened. She met with an accident and we were shattered. 

She was there, alive, but everything had changed. I longed to see those blue eyes look at me with tenderness one more time. She was paralysed and was hooked to a life-support system. So, I prayed again.

After almost three months, God listened to me once again. She was there with me, with that same smile on her face. Her coming back to me deeply strengthened my faith in the power of prayer more than ever. 


With time, she got better. Never did she once complain about her accident. She taught me, no matter what the circumstances are, just smile and put up the best show. Her spirit is an inspiration for me. It's not important how much you earn or how many vacations you have had. What matters is how many lives you are able to touch.

Soon, Shubhra was discharged with the diagnosis that she will remain paralysed from the neck down, forever.

So far, my sister has never believed the one word of what the doctors said. With each passing day, the warrior that she is, Shubhra is defying all odds. The quality of facilities and infrastructure that we are able provide for her, however, remain a challenge.

Our lives have changed but whose hasn't? But, we are thankful for what we have. And for that I'll say a prayer now.

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