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HUMOUR | 4-minute read

How to be Anurag Kashyap's writer: It's much easier than it seems!

Tips that will help you land the most coveted writing gig!

HUMOUR | 4-minute read

Pakistan Goes to the Dogs: One Pakistani MP called another 'dog' in Parliament! Why did this viral moment even happen?

Who needs reality TV when you can watch Pakistan’s parliamentarians fight with each other?

HUMOUR | 5-minute read

Imran Khan's Shaadi Business: Pakistan's desperate times truly need desperate measures!

Imran Khan had promised to turn Pakistan's PM House into a university. It's now a wedding venue. What explains this?

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Pakistan's Naan-Sense: Its anxiety over roti and naan prices shows Pakistan’s economic situation is dire!

Roti becomes cheaper but fuel becomes dearer. We have an easier solution to this conundrum for Pakistan.

HUMOUR | 6-minute read

In Banana Republic: When five-star hotels give you bananas, don't do a Rahul Bose, please!

Figuring out what is complimentary at a five-star hotel and what is not is at all times walking a tightrope.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Ear this: Your secret workplace survival trick is now public knowledge!

Ulrika Leons, a health care psychologist, says that plugging in your earphones can ward off unwanted distraction. But we already knew that!

HUMOUR | 5-minute read

4 fun facts you should know about Boris Johnson, Britain’s new Prime Minister

Abki bar, Boris ki Sarkar!

HUMOUR | 3-minute read

Hema Malini's sweeping success: Full marks to Hema ji for not acting as the Swachhta Dream Girl!

In a world full of politicians who try to sweep over real issues with orchestrated efforts, here's why we must applaud Hema Malini.

HUMOUR | 4-minute read

Sona Kitna Sona Hai: Gold is set to become more expensive and we can’t help but sympathize with these 4 people

Sone Jaisa Inka Mann: These celebrities have a soft corner in their hearts for all things ‘gold’ but their dreams will soon be shattered.

HUMOUR | 3-minute read

Sunny Deol's Junior Artist: The star-neta's 'proxy representation' is exactly what we need to be a proper adult!

Sunny Deol has discovered the secret that characterises you, me and all of India's youth. He's also found a brilliant way out. For him and for us. Full applause, with dhai kilo ka haath!

HUMOUR | 5-minute read

Hotstar's desi 'The Office' is really nice! Stop hating it just because it's Indian!

The Indian version of ‘The Office’ didn’t go down well with many viewers. But their dislike is totally uncalled for because the Indian 'The Office' is a cut above the US version even.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Why Priyanka Chopra's 'RSS shorts' have got everyone's knickers in a knot!

Priyanka Chopra recently donned a pair of khaki shorts and got trolled for dressing the 'RSS way'. But PeeCee doesn't care. Do you know why?

HUMOUR | 4-minute read

Happy Birthday, Rahul Gandhi! Let's reflect on the year that was

Do some hard thinking. Maybe you do not have the mettle, and the nastiness, required to be a politician in South Asia. Maybe you didn’t want it in the first place.

HUMOUR | 7-minute read

Discomfort Food: Why the Pakistani team's intake of burgers and shakes has shaken up Pakistanis online

It was an electrifying match, but then why was Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Ahmed yawning in the middle of India vs Pakistan? Decoding the Pakistani team, burger by burger.

HUMOUR | 5-minute read

Poor, poor Pakistan: From getting crushed in cricket to live-streaming ministers with cat filter, our neighbour is having a week from hell

And, not to be left behind, their (in)famous minister Fawad Chaudhry apparently even slapped a journalist. Is it the heat? Or something else that's making the padosi mulk lose it?

HUMOUR | 3-minute read

Pakistan TV spoofs Abhinandan on World Cup: Dear Pakistanis, can't you even afford a video editor?

Pakistan's parody of Wing Commander Abhinandan, who taught them some English, is clearly made on a shoestring budget. Why are we not surprised?

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Amitabh Bachchan's Twitter hacked: With Imran Khan's photo put there, why would a Turkish group hack Big B's account?

Probably it was just a gentle reminder to Big B to up his Twitter game.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Vicky Kaushal in Bhoot: Karan Johar steps into the horror genre. Now, we're really scared

That look on Vicky's face in the poster. Yup, that was the look on ours when we heard.

HUMOUR | 3-minute read

Out for a Duck: Vijay Mallya watched #IndVsAus at the Oval

And we have a lot of questions!

HUMOUR | 4-minute read

Ooops, he did it again! How Pakistan's Imran Khan is a gift of embarrassments that just keeps giving!

He was being referred to as 'Pakistan's Pappu'. But with his latest Olympic-size gaffes, Imran Khan has left that tag far behind!

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

PM Modi's Swearing-In Stars: From Akshay Kumar to Payal Rohatgi, our Bollywood wishlist for Narendra Modi's ceremony!

We will be disheartened if we don't get to hear 'How's the josh' at least once!

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

JCB Ki Khudaai memes go viral! But from shaadis to Sunny Leone, just why are we trending #JCBKiKhudaai?

Why should so many people be watching so many JCB ki khudaai memes? What could a JCB excavator video really offer? I dug up some dirt on the #JCBKiKhudayi viral videos and here’s what I found!

HUMOUR | 4-minute read

PM Modi's Swearing-In Guestlist? From Donald Trump to Imran Khan, here's our atithi wishlist!

Narendra Modi has arrived (again) and is now here to stay. PM Modi’s swearing-in ceremony is on 30 May. Who do you think should be there?

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

5 things Rahul Gandhi can do now

If not Rahul, then who? Rahul Gandhi must think of his alternatives as he must be embarking on vacation now!

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Decoding what the 'satta bazaar' is up to!

Betting is illegal. But it's flourishing. Why are people drawn to wagers on politics?

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

PM Modi’s Uttarakhand trip: 5 things no one is talking about

When was the last time Uttarakhand received such a major tourism push?

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Lok Sabha 2019: 5 gaffes we couldn’t stop laughing over!

From radar theory to Nirav Choudhary, we laughed so much, we forgot our woes!

HUMOUR | 3-minute read

Rahul Gandhi's Best Skills: 5 things that can make Rahul Gandhi India's PM

A new feather in his cap every day? No, a new cap every day. That's Rahul Gandhi 2019.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

And Mallika Sherawat is at Cannes again. But why?

Turns out even Google doesn't know!

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Nagin Dance, Redefined: Yes, India is a land of magic and snake (dancers). Never forget

Our naagin dancing is world-famous! But don't forget that one wedding which was cancelled when the bride saw the groom performing naagin dance in the baarat.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Silence is Golden! Navjot Singh Sidhu’s vocal chords are reportedly damaged. Is it Karma doing its job?

After speaking at 80 rallies in 28 days, Sidhu has reportedly damaged his vocal chords. Please enjoy the break.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Election 2019's Poll-itical Style! Get The Look: Here are 5 fashion trends spotted on Voting Day

No, voting is not about fashion. Yet, from white to kesari, one cannot miss the obvious coincidences!

HUMOUR | 4-minute read

PM Modi sent emails in 1988: The internet rocks again!

But nasty nay-sayers, please note, Modi hai, toh mumkin hai!

HUMOUR | 4-minute read

Cloud cover and radar theory: Why Twitter is on cloud 9 after the Prime Minister's statement

The PM's recent statement has Twitter rumbling with laughter. However, there's a silver lining here too!

HUMOUR | 4-minute read

Guilt Trips: It's not just PM Modi. We Indians are so critical of taking holidays!

We believe in austerity. If you are suffering, you must be a good being. There is no question of taking a break to chill. Even if you're on vacation.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

When ignorance is bliss: Things that our political leaders 'don't know'

Political leaders are meant to know about hot-button topics at least. But some of them seem to have the snooze button instead!

HUMOUR | 3-minute read

The lookalike who doesn't want his look: Rahul Gandhi’s lookalike puts on 20 kg. Guess why?

Can you imagine having a lookalike who doesn't want to look like you? Meet the man who looks like Rahul Gandhi and really doesn't want to.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Don't Rave, Just Rant! Why this Greater Noida 'rave party' is an interesting statistical study

Because nothing was found apart from excessive numbers, including that of the police.

HUMOUR | 3-minute read

How Imran Khan Chills: Pak Economy collapsing? Prices spiking? Jihadis knocking? No worries!

In a recent press meet, Imran Khan said Pakistan is a rich country. That was probably after he unveiled a fridge with his face on it.

HUMOUR | 3-minute read

50 Degrees! Why Robert Vadra vs Smriti Irani's social media fight is only hotting up Amethi some more!

Stung by Smriti Irani's purported jibe at him, Robert Vadra has hit back, apparently questioning the minister's educational degrees. Mr Vadra, it is reported, is high-school educated himself.

HUMOUR | -minute read

Arvind Kejriwal's Slapgate: A timeline of all the vicious attacks that the Delhi CM has braved over the years

How does a man with chilli powder and ink get past a CM's security? Or what can you do when someone from your own convoy attacks you? Here's a few helpful suggestions.

HUMOUR | 3-minute read

CBSE Results: An open letter to all the relatives and friends who asked for my marks!

So, how much did you score in your exams, aunty? And you, grocery shop-waale uncle? See?

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Lok Sabha 2019: 5 things we get to learn as Bollywood votes

Taimur is a factor no one considered before today.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Why Khali campaigning in Kolkata is too much for a faint-hearted Bengali!

That BJP will import muscle power to our cosy, cultural corner is now the end of all debates.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Mobile Salman Khan: What’s so funny about a case involving Salman Khan, a fan and a mobile phone?

Twitter thinks like the hit-and-run case and the blackbuck case, Bhai has no hand in this. This too is hands-free.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Sunny Deol joins BJP: What Sunny Deol can do for the saffron party, no one else can. Here's why

Pehli goli woh chalayega… aur aakhri goli hum: The defence strategy no one dared to implement. Now, it can be followed. Using a dhai kilo ka haath.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Happy birthday Chetan Bhagat! Here's celebrating the man busting myths since 2004!

Happy Birthday, Chetan Bhagat! Thank you for everything.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Salman Khan's 'Bharat': Why Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman have suddenly taken on 'old' roles on screen

Is Salman's look better than Aamir's in 'Dangal' and SRK's in 'Veer Zara'? And why are the three Khans going grey anyway?

HUMOUR | 3-minute read

Shoe thrown at GVL Narasimha Rao: Why some shoes always miss their targets

We are so appreciative of the action that we never evaluate it. Neither do we focus on perfecting the art.

HUMOUR | 2-minute read

Marriage and Matdaan Together! Why freshly married couples are rushing to the polling booths!

They can at least get rid of the bridal wear — heavier than the dues of democracy! But no, the naya-navela couples are driven by another kind of rush to the polling booths!