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DailyOh! Dilip Ghosh takes cheap 'short' at Mamata, to Didi says BJP sending people in saffron from UP

Dilip Ghosh has said Mamata Banerjee should wear Bermuda instead of sari.

VARIETY  |   5-minute read  |   24-03-2021

A High Court is not the Supreme Court but it is still a serious court and can hear serious matters. The Supreme Court has asked Mumbai’s former top cop Parambir Singh to take his plea seeking a CBI probe into the allegations of corruption against Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh to Bombay High Court, which is housed in Mumbai.

The SC has asked Parambir Singh to withdraw his plea. (Photo: PTI)

April 23 is when 47th Chief Justice of India SA Bobde’s term would come to an end. So 47th has recommended the 48th seniormost judge — Justice NV Ramana.

Meanwhile, the court has asked Singh why Deshmukh has not been made a party to the case when allegations in the plea are made against him. Maybe because Singh is too miffed with his transfer from the chair of Mumbai Police commissioner to DG Home Guard even as Deshmukh remains Home Minister of the state.

To the question of Singh’s plea demanding a stay on his transfer, the court said no state has implemented our guidelines on police reforms, which would have made no senior officer is transferred till her term ends. What do you do with your plea when one court refuses to hear it? You withdraw it and knock at the next door.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes on May 2, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee would be shown the door. Addressing a rally in Bengal’s Kanthi, Modi said, “Do Mai, Didi gayi. (Come May 2, Didi will be gone.)” But who took a sexist shot at Mamata Banerjee today? BJP leader Dilip Ghosh, who suggested Mamata should wear shorts, not sari. Ghosh babu, who is not just any leader but president of the Bengal unit, said: “If Mamata Banerjee wants to show her legs, she should wear a pair of bermudas.” Our advice, if you don't want to show your misogyny, you can consider keeping your mouth shut. The BJP manifesto, launched on March 21, promises 33% reservation for women in government jobs but fails to tell if they would have bermudas for uniform or it would be ok for them to wear what they want.  

Whether Didi goes or stays on May 2 will be known in May but on March 24, Didi accused the BJP of bringing in bohiragoto (outsiders) to Bengal. Can an Indian be an outsider anywhere in India? According to Mamata if the person hails from UP, wears saffron clothes and chews Pan Bahar. No, don’t go to Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn. They have done an ad for Vimal Elaichi. Whatever else Vimal makes is Vimal’s problem. 

So, if Didi is concerned over people from UP entering Bengal, in Assam, Gaurav Gogoi is concerned over Gujarat entering Assam. Son of former Assam CM Tarun Gogoi, Gaurav says the BJP wants to convert Assam into Gujarat.

In free India, people are free to enter and leave any state they like. But can Chinnamma, the long-time associate of Amma, return to the AIADMK? If that happens, the AIADMK could go into a tailspin. Days after CM Edappadi K. Palaniswami ruled out VK Sasikala’s return to the party, Dy CM O Panneerselvam indicated that Sasikala’s return can be considered.

Going out is not the same as being dragged out. Protesting MLAs from assemblies and Parliament are often dragged out by marshals, but yesterday Bihar Police personnel were called in to drag out MLAs protesting against the Bihar Special Armed Police Bill 2021. The Bill gives special powers to the Special Armed Police to arrest people even without a warrant. So, the enthusiasm of police officers dragging out MLAs who opposed to the law is understandable.

What people don’t seem to have understood is the seriousness of Covid. The rate of vaccination in India is faster than the spread of the virus, but with just 5,00,00,000 people vaccinated out of India’s 1,37,00,00,000 crore. So herd immunity is not round the corner but many blocks away. Stay away from crowds and keep the mask close. Actor Aamir Khan has tested positive and is in home-quarantine.

India is said to be amid the second wave of Covid surge. (Photo: Reuters)

From Covid, let’s move to tuberculosis because today happens to be World Tuberculosis Day. Did you know that tuberculosis was once called the romantic disease? It was called so because the people it claimed included the likes of John Keats and Bronte sisters. But that’s not the only reason. In the 19th century, TB's high mortality rate coincided with the surge of romanticism. What is romanticism? A literary and artistic movement that placed feeling over reason. You can call placing ‘reason below feeling’ what you like but you may not the results of this placement.

TB patients often took on a profoundly anaemic look. You wouldn’t believe what we are going to tell you next. Fashion-conscious, healthy women starved themselves and chemically-whitened their skin to look like a TB patient. Romantic writers also became obsessed with TB. Nobody calls TB that now since we have come to know what the disease means. But what does tuberculosis mean?

Tuberculosis, the Word Of The Day, was coined by Johann Schonlein in 1834 even though bacteria causing TB is believed to have existed for as long as three million years. Tuberculosis comes from the Latin word tuberculum, which means a small swelling. Autopsies of bodies of TB patients generally showed small, round, firm and white swellings on organs, mostly the lungs. The mention of autopsy reminds us that 75-year-old deputy ruler of Dubai and the finance minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum has died. Sheikh had been unwell for a long time.

And we forgot to tell you, PM Modi has written a letter to PM Imran Khan congratulating him and his countrymen on Pakistan Day, which was yesterday. Former J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti has said the letter is a step in the right direction. No, no one asked her. She took to Twitter to share Modi’s letter to Imran and share her views on it. Is it ok to read someone’s letters? Depends on the letter.

PM Narendra Modi's letter and Mehbooba Mufti's thoughts on the letter.

Is it ok to have pancakes? Depends on what you make them with. We recommend healthy, vegan and yummy banana pancakes because taste bhi, health bhi is what we all want.

On that note, we will leave you for the day.

See you tomorrow.

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