4 times people looked for the weirdest stuff on Tinder and Bumble

Varsha Vats
Varsha VatsAug 10, 2022 | 15:41

4 times people looked for the weirdest stuff on Tinder and Bumble

A man from Mumbai uses Tinder to find a sister for Raksha Bandhan

Dating apps might have come as a rescue for all the single people out there, but you can find a lot more than just a date on these platforms. 

Many are spending their maximum time swiping left followed by a rant on being single. In between this journey for finding the right match, many decided to find solutions to other problems. Believe it or not, people are looking for sisters, roommates and a lot more on dating apps these days.

Here’s a list of some of the weirdest things people decided to look for on a dating app:

1. Sister for Raksha Bandhan: As Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, a man from Mumbai went on a search for a sister on Tinder.

In a Reddit post, he revealed that he does not have any sisters and had FOMO every year during the festival. Therefore, for the last two years, he had been changing his bio to: “Looking for a sister to hang out during Raksha Bandhan” 2 weeks before the festival.

And he found 2 sisters on Tinder to get rakhis tied and exchange gifts.

2. Finding roommates: Three women in the UK tried finding a perfect roommate on dating app, Grindr. The trio mentioned that there is a room available in their women-only house and they would like to change things up a bit with some masculine energy.

The girls first tried finding roommates on sites like SpareRoom but failed. Then they took to Grindr. The incident took place in February, 2022. It is not yet known whether they finally found a perfect 'roommate' match or not.

3. A place to live: Finding a perfect, affordable place to live in Mumbai can be a daunting task. Therefore, a Kerala man came up with the weirdest solution.

He tried to find an accommodation on the dating app, Bumble. “Not a sapiosexual, looking or a flat in Mumbai,” the man wrote in his bio.

He also mentioned, “If you’re in Mumbai and okay to help me to find a place to rent in western line since I don’t know Hindi.”

Now, you have a hint of what needs to be done when you move to a different city.

4. Partner for partner: A man created a Tinder profile of his girlfriend as a joke to see how many men are interested in his girlfriend.

But then he realised that it was one of the biggest mistakes he ever made as his girlfriend received 1300 likes within an hour. He later declared that he would do anything for his girlfriend because he got insecure.

Not just these, people also try to build their network on dating apps which can help them find the right jobs. Just like people finding dates on Linkedin, many are also finding jobs on Tinder.

So, if you too are looking for a person to be friends with or someone to accompany you on your next trip, try changing bios on dating apps, maybe (at your own risk).

Last updated: August 10, 2022 | 15:41
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