5 love stories turned crime scenes for the most bizarre reasons

Varsha Vats
Varsha VatsAug 09, 2022 | 15:33

5 love stories turned crime scenes for the most bizarre reasons

All is well if it ends well. But the end is not well for everyone, especially in love stories these days. Many of them turn into crime scenes. And some of these are too hard to believe.

Crime rates in India are higher than ever. Every morning we wake up to some or the other crime that took place the previous night. Many of these are related to petty couple fights that turn into crime scenes. Yes, these are as dramatic as the Indian television serials. People have murdered their partners for reasons such as not cooking food of their choice or some suspicious affair and other unrealistic scenarios.

Here we have a list of 5 such unrealistic love stories that turned into crime scenes. Take a look.

1. Man killed a woman he had an affair with

In March 2020, a couple got arrested for killing a 42-year-old woman in Uttar Pradesh.

Sandeep Kaushik had an extramarital affair with the victim and killed her as she was pressuring him into ending his marriage.

Kaushik later confessed that his wife was also involved in this plan. He called the victim for a casual meeting and shot her twice. The couple was later arrested.

2. Women killed live-in partner

In a recent incident from Gaziabad, a woman was arrested for killing her live-in partner because he refused to marry her.

The woman stuffed his body in a trolley bag after slitting his throat. She was planning to leave the bag in a train. 

Preeti Sharma separated from her husband four years ago and was in a live-in relationship with the victim.

A woman killed her live-in partner and packed the dead body in a trolley bag. Image: Representative

3. Man killed wife for not cooking

In Jharkhand, a man was arrested for stabbing his wife to death for not cooking food on time.

The incident took place in June 2021. The police said that the man had returned home from work and asked his wife for food. However, the wife was feeling unwell and wasn't able to cook food. The man subsequently lost his temper and stabbed his wife in the stomach with a knife.

4. Woman killed husband over jeans

Jeans have been a topic of national interest in our country many times.

A murder also took place in July over the piece of clothing in Jamtara, Jharkhand. According to reports, a woman killed her husband after he stopped her from wearing jeans after marriage.

One day, the woman had worn jeans to visit a fair in the village. However, her choice of clothing resulted in a heated argument at home and her husband questioned her for wearing jeans after marriage.

The argument turned into a fight and the woman attacked her husband with a knife, leading to his death.

5. Killed wife over returning home late

A 48-year-old driver in Mumbai killed his wife in 2016 for returning home late after attending Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations.

A family member said in a statement that the couple had an argument over the wife returning late. In the heat of the moment, the man picked up a kitchen knife and stabbed his wife, leading to her death.

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