Ahmedabad hotel rates are skyhigh Rs 40-80k for a basic room during World Cup 2023

Sushim Mukul
Sushim MukulJun 28, 2023 | 14:39

Ahmedabad hotel rates are skyhigh Rs 40-80k for a basic room during World Cup 2023

A number of hotels in the city are already sold out. (Photo: ICC)

The ICC World Cup is returning to India this year after a 12-year wait, with the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad hosting a number of big fixtures. With the ICC unveiling the tournament schedule yesterday, which is now three months away, the city's hotel prices have surged dramatically. The worst is around the highly awaited India-Pakistan match, scheduled for October 15 (Sunday), coinciding with a weekend (October 14-16, 2023).


Undoubtedly, an India-Pakistan match always guarantees a packed stadium regardless of the venue or timing. This year's clash is no exception, and fans are eagerly awaiting the encounter.

  • The Narendra Modi Stadium will witness a total of five matches, including the opening match between England and New Zealand, the India-Pakistan match, and the final showdown.

Hotel prices out of the park

  • The surge in excitement has had a direct impact on hotel prices, with room rates in Ahmedabad skyrocketing to astonishing levels.
  • Luxury five-star properties are leading the price surge, with some charging an exorbitant Rs 71,999 per night (excluding taxes) during the particular weekend in October. Add another Rs 13,000 to that in terms of taxes, and you have a neat Rs 85,000 sum for a night.
  • Hoteliers have certainly recognised this golden opportunity to maximise profits and capitalise on the demand.
  • In some cases, prices have risen by over 100 per cent, resulting in properties being fully booked a day before and a day after the much-anticipated India-Pakistan match.

Premium turns Premium Pro max

  • For instance, the Welcomehotel, managed by ITC, located on Ashram Road, approximately 5 km from the stadium, now commands a price of around Rs 85,000 (including taxes) per night. On normal days, a room would not cost more than Rs 8,000 at the property.
  • Similarly, the Pride Plaza Hotel in Bodakdev, situated 10 km from the stadium, is charging approximately Rs 52,000 (including taxes) for a night, against a usual four-figure charge.
Per night charges of some of the premium hotels. (Visual: MakeMyTrip)
  • The Regenta Central Antarin in Navrangpura has a surge in rates, reaching around Rs 59,000 (including taxes) per night.
  • Even the Lemon Tree Premier at The Atrium, located near the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport on the outskirts of the city, has hiked its prices to approximately Rs 60,000 (including taxes) per night.
  • A room at Fortune Haveli, another ITC property, is offering accommodation for Rs 37,000 (including taxes) per night.

Budget, outta budget

  • Surprisingly, even three-star and budget hotels have joined the race to exploit the high demand.
  • For instance, the Apricot Hotel, located just two kilometres from the venue, is charging around Rs 40,000 (including taxes) per night. Today a room in the same hotel would be worth Rs 6,000.
Per night prices of some budget hotels. (Visual: MakeMyTrip)
  • Similarly, a night at the Sarovar Portico Rivera, situated near Nehru Bridge, approximately 7 kilometres from the stadium in Motera, now costs more than Rs 30,000 (including taxes) for a night during that October weekend, against a normal of Rs 5,000.

If you plan to visit Ahmedabad during the India-Pakistan match weekend, whether to witness the exhilarating game or for any other reason, acting swiftly is the key. Prices are rising rapidly, and it is highly likely that even the most expensive rooms will sell out quickly.

Last updated: June 28, 2023 | 14:39
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