Air India has a new grooming handbook for its crew: No balding patches or religious threads

Amrutha Pagad
Amrutha PagadNov 25, 2022 | 13:29

Air India has a new grooming handbook for its crew: No balding patches or religious threads

Air India issues new grooming guidelines for its crew. Photo: airindia/instagram

Air India has new grooming rules for its male and female crew members and it is over 40 pages long. India's oldest airline is set to get a Maharaja makeover after its Tata takeover, and that makeover also includes the crew.

Air India with its new guidelines requires all crew members to implement the rules immediately. 


Air India is the only airline in the country which has been serving the world for many decades. Representations and images of the crew are not as per international standards. The new management wants to change the perception of flyers.
- Air India sources (ANI)

What are some of the rules? 

For male crew: 

  • Deep hairlines and male balding patches should be shaved clean for a bald look. 
  • Grey hair is not allowed. Greying hair should be coloured using natural shade. No fashion colours or henna allowed.
  • Should maintain a neat short haircut with side parting (without volume). No buzz cut allowed. 
  • Only one ring is allowed. 
  • For Sikh crew, only black turban is allowed. 
  • Black uniform jackets must be worn throughout the flight 

For female crew: 

  • Should follow the guidelines for wearing an Indo-western uniform and saree. 
  • Winter overcoats cannot be worn while on board, during boarding, and deplaning.
  • Stockings are mandatory with all uniforms and must be worn in the shade of skin with no design. Only mid-calf or full-length stockings are allowed. 
  •  There are guidelines for what kind of watch is allowed to be worn.
  • There are also specific hairstyle guidelines for female crew members. 
  • Only two rings, one each, on one hand, are allowed. Nose piercings are not allowed. 
  • Make-up is to be worn at all times in the approved shades only. 

Male or female crew members cannot sport religious threads or bracelets. 

The guidelines also say, "Unbecoming lounging while in group should be avoided and decorum whilst in uniform should be always maintained. Quiet conversation is always appreciated."

Did you note down all of that? For all those who have had a bad time on an Air India flight, here's to hoping that Tata's makeover changes the experience beyond just the look of the crew.

Last updated: November 25, 2022 | 13:29
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