Amritpal Singh's NRI wife Kirandeep Kaur is now on Punjab Police radar

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Amritpal Singh's NRI wife Kirandeep Kaur is now on Punjab Police radar

The Punjab police on Wednesday (March 22) questioned Amritpal Singh's wife Kirandeep Kaur Singh over alleged foreign funding. Photos: Getty/Twitter

As the hunt for Khalistani sympathiser Amritpal Singh enters the fifth day, the Punjab Police is also zeroing in on his close ones. On this list is also Amritpal Singh's wife Kirandeep Kaur Singh, an NRI from the UK, who married Amritpal Singh in February this year.

After the wedding, Kirandeep moved to Punjab, and now resides in Amritpal Singh’s ancestral village, Jallupur Kheda. Her family roots are said to be from Jalandhar. 


Why Kirandeep Singh is on Punjab Police's radar

The police on Wednesday (March 22) went to Amritpal’s village Jallupur Kheda to question his wife, Kirandeep Kaur Singh in connection with the alleged foreign funding and Amritpal’s activities.

The police however, have not revealed the details of the hour-long questioning with the family of Amritpal Singh.

It was also reported that the bank accounts of Kirandeep and other family members of Amritpal Singh are being scanned to trace the funding mechanism of Amritpal, India Today reported. 

The source of terror funding

Since a vast amount of funding is required to orchestrate a separatist movement, the Punjab Police suspects that the Sikh separatist factions in the UK are behind Amritpal’s funding in India.

The suspicion on Kirandeep Kaur and her role in funding Amritpal Singh’s agenda is also because she is from the UK. 

It is known that of the 7 lakh Punjabi nationals living in the UK, a considerable number are in support of the Khalistani movement. 

According to the UK government's Commission for Countering Extremism report, Khalistani sympathisers in the UK arrange funds from various quarters in the UK and send them discreetly to India.

Kirandeep Singh Kaur's bank accounts are being checked by the Punjab Police because of the same reason.


Amritpal Singh’s latest expenses

The Punjab Police’s investigation revealed that Amritpal Singh recently purchased new SUVs.

He even bought 35 bulletproof jackets besides illegal arms from the money received through foreign sources.

Singh is also alleged to have links with Pakistan’s spy agency ISI, which is said to have been the mastermind behind Amritpal’s adventures in Punjab in reviving the Khalistani movement.

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