Britain is melting, literally, and the proof is in the viral pictures

Akshata Kamath
Akshata KamathJul 21, 2022 | 18:05

Britain is melting, literally, and the proof is in the viral pictures

Traffic signals in Britain are melting. (Photo: Twitter)

Britain had seen temperatures of around 30 to 37 degrees Celsius till last year. But July 20, 2022, set a new record as temperatures crossed 40 degrees in London and the UK experienced its hottest day ever. Britishers are now taking to Twitter to share pictures showing side effects of the extreme heatwave.

1. Heatwaves send shock waves

The temperatures in UK rose up to 40 degrees Celsius and the prediction for more heatwave days has continued.


2. Forest fires are increasing 

The heatwave, the dry air and dried-up soil have fuelled a lot of unexpected fires in London, and has gulped a lot of homes. 

3. Roads are melting  

At the famous cycling event called Tour De France, organizers were busy sprinkling water on the roads to keep them cool. 

4. And so are traffic signals 

Photo: Twitter

5. Airports being shut down 

Luton Airport in UK suspended many flights after the runway road melted away and they found a defect.


6. Duty calls

I feel bad for the guys who have to wear their attire of pride, no matter how hot it is. 

But I love how Twitterati makes these hot situations fun too 

7. The animals have to beat the heat too

8. Getting tanned

9. Having tea 

How many of us would really have tea when it's thaaat hot? 

10. Garbage bins 

Photo: Twitter

While one Twitter user simply feared that his bins would melt, another one actually saw his bins melting  

11. Tin foil

People are lining up their windows with tin foils to reflect the heat back and keep their homes cool..

And even using these ''pioneering systems'' to protect bridges


12. Eggs on a pan 

People can't wait to experiment with frying eggs on pavements and pans directly under the sunlight. In fact someone even did it. It just took 20 mins.

13. Shrieking Glass  

People are witnessing glasses explode due to thermal stress. Quite a scary situation tbh. 

14. Shoes 

While some are wondering what to do with their shoes? (Only Kanye might know this!)

Others aren't wearing them in schools at all.

15. Candles

How on earth does this happen?  

16. Meanwhile there is a new business that is trying to take off!

A special offer allows you to spend 1 minute of your life in this shop's walk-in-fridge!  Just for 5 pounds (approximately Rs 475)

Every British heatwave survivor probably feels like Super Mario. The sad part is that they are on that level where the Sun tries to kill Mario.

Last updated: July 21, 2022 | 21:27
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