Deadliest Israel-Palestine conflict in decades leaves over 1,100 dead: A brief timeline

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Deadliest Israel-Palestine conflict in decades leaves over 1,100 dead: A brief timeline

Rockets are fired toward Israel from the Gaza Strip, Sunday, Oct. 8, 2023. (AP Photo/Fatima Shbair)

The Israel-Palestine conflict has taken a grave and alarming turn as the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, launched a surprise attack with a barrage of 3,000 rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory on Saturday, October 7.

According to AP, the operation, named "Operation Al-Aqsa Flood," was marked by a series of violent actions from Israeli forces as well, resulting in a devastating toll of more than 1,100 lives lost on both sides.


This incursion into Israeli territory marks the deadliest conflict in decades since the Fourth Arab-Israel War. Additionally, the Islamic Jihad group reported on Monday, October 9, that they were holding more than 30 Israelis captive.

A brief timeline

  • October 7: Early in the morning major locations in Israel, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, are attacked by a swarm of missiles by Hamas. The Hamas claims it fired at least 5,000 missiles. Armed Hamas militants were reported to be shooting at Jewish settlers at multiple locations.
  • October 7: Soon after, the Commander in Chief of the Hamas' military arm Al Qassam Brigades Mohammed Deif, claims responsibility for the attack.
  • October 7, 10.30 am: Israel scrambles fighter jets over Gaza carrying out retaliatory bombings.
  • October 7, 11.30 am: Netanyahu comes public and declares, "Israel is at war."
  • October 7, 11.30 am (Eastern Time): USA condemns the attack.
  • October 8: Israel confirms more than 700 people are dead in Israel with more than 2,100 injured. On the Palestinian side, 370 people died in Gaza and 2,200 others were injured.
  • October 8: Airlines suspend flights to and from Israel.
  • October 8: China calls for a separate Palestinian state.
  • October 8, 11.30 pm (IST): USA declares sending carriers into the Mediterranean.
  • October 9: Israeli rescue service, Zaka says it retrieved around 260 bodies from the 'The Tribe of Nova" music festival which also came under Hamas attack.
  • October 9, 8 am (IST): More than 1.23 lac Gazans displaced, says United Nations.
  • October 9, 7 am (IST): The United Nations Security Council held a closed-door emergency meeting, with the United States urging all 15 members to strongly condemn Hamas' "heinous terrorist attacks." While many countries voiced condemnation, some did not, and Russia's ambassador refuted claims that Russia wasn't condemning the attacks.

No immediate action was taken.

Israeli retaliation

  • In retaliation, Israel conducted airstrikes on Gaza, targeting Hamas' offices, training camps, and civilian areas.

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on October 7th, stated that Israel was in a "state of war," vowing "vengeance" and the dismantling of Hamas to prevent further attacks on Israel.

  • According to Reuters, following the attack, Israeli airstrikes targeted residential buildings, tunnels, a mosque, and residences of Hamas leaders in Gaza on Sunday, October 8th. These strikes resulted in the deaths of over 400 individuals, including 20 children.

Both Israeli and Palestinian civilians suffered casualties, with at least 700 people killed in Israel, including children. The Israeli military referred to it as "the worst massacre of innocent civilians in Israel's history."


International reactions

The international community closely monitored the situation, with varying responses.

  • While many members of the UN Security Council condemned Hamas for its actions, the United States expressed regret over the lack of unanimity. Both the United States and Israel called for a condemnation of the Palestinian Islamists, as the US has announced its intent to send its carriers into the Eastern Mediterranean waters.
  • US President Joe Biden ordered "additional support for Israel in the face of this unprecedented terrorist assault by Hamas."
  • Reports suggest that Iran played a role in orchestrating the surprise attacks against Israel.
  • Multiple meetings in Beirut attended by Iranian officials and representatives from militant groups, including Hamas and Hezbollah, fine-tuned the operation.
  • The Palestinian population in Gaza has been severely affected by the conflict. The UN has appealed for the creation of humanitarian corridors to bring food into Gaza, with over 70,000 Palestinians seeking shelter in UN-run schools.

Escalation in the West Bank and Jerusalem

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has warned that the conflict will spread to the West Bank and Jerusalem. The situation in these areas has been tense, with ongoing violence and clashes.

Oil prices surge amidst uncertainty in West Asia

The escalating conflict has had global repercussions, with oil prices surging as markets fear a wider conflict in the Middle East. Concerns about potential disruptions to oil supplies from Iran have contributed to this increase.

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