Delhi Crime: After chopping Shraddha's body, Aftab had beer, ordered food on Zomato, watched movie on Netflix

Amrutha Pagad
Amrutha PagadNov 17, 2022 | 10:03

Delhi Crime: After chopping Shraddha's body, Aftab had beer, ordered food on Zomato, watched movie on Netflix

More details emerge in Shraddha Walkar's murder case.

Newest updates in the Shraddha Walkar murder case say that Aftab Amin Poonawalla told the police he took 10 hours to chop the body into pieces. He then took a beer-cigarette break, and went on to order food on Zomato. After dinner, he watched a movie on Netflix.

  • The Delhi Police have received a nod from a Saket court to conduct a narco test on Aftab. The police have also been granted a five-day extension of custody of Aftab. He will now be in police custody till November 18. 

Aftab has been in Delhi Police custody since November 14, when they arrested him.

Here are the latest details on the chilling murder case: 

  • Aftab told the police that he burnt Shraddha's face to conceal her identity. 
  • Fearing an attack on Aftab, the police produced him before a Saket court via video conferencing. Advocates were seen protesting outside the court, demanding the death penalty for Aftab. 
  • After killing Shraddha, Aftab reportedly used to order frequently through Zomato or other online food delivery apps, but he would always order for two people.
  • He reportedly also ordered readymade tea from places like Chai Point rather than buying sugar, tea leaves and milk. This he allegedly did to minimise any outside contact.        
  • Aftab told the police that after killing Shraddha, it took him 10 hours to chop up her body into pieces.
  • He was quite tired by the time he was done chopping her body up. He took a break. He had beer and smoked cigarettes before resuming the crime.
  • Aftab then proceeded to the shower, where he washed up all the blood from the body pieces.
  • After that, he ordered food in on Zomato.
  • Once done with dinner, he watched a movie on Netflix.
  • Delhi Police will check whether a severed head and other body parts found in East Delhi in June are that of Shraddha Walkar.  
  • Police also found a box of vacuum cleaner at Aftab's apartment. He bought the vacuum cleaner online after murdering Shraddha to clean up blood spots.  
  • Developing reports state that Aftab sold Shraddha's mobile phone on OLX. It is likely to be a challenge for the police to retrieve phone data even if they find the phone.  
  • The police have received a nod from the court to conduct a narco test on Aftab. Aftab has also agreed to the same.

Point to note: A narco test is only possible if the subject agrees to it. The police or court cannot force a narco test on someone. The test is not admissible in court. It is used to make a case watertight.

  • Police have so far found bloodstains in Aftab and Shraddha's Chhatarpur apartment. The bloodstains were found in the kitchen, but surprisingly not in the fridge where Aftab claimed to have stored Shraddha's remains. 
  • The forensic department used a special chemical to detect the bloodstains.  
  • According to sources, Aftab and Shraddha fought over household expenses on May 18, the day Aftab said he killed his live-in partner. 
  • Reportedly, the fight escalated into Aftab strangling Shraddha to death sometime between 8 and 10 pm. 
  • Aftab reportedly kept Shraddha's body overnight and went to buy a knife and a fridge the next day. 
  • Aftab has so far told the police that after killing Shraddha, he dismembered her body into 35 pieces, kept the body parts in a newly-bought refrigerator and disposed off of them in Mehrauli forest over 18 days. 
  • Reports also say that Aftab googled the 2010 Dehradun murder case of Anupama Gulati, which also involved chopping the body, a fridge and a jungle.

Shraddha's relationship with her family: Shraddha Walkar's father has sought the death penalty for Aftab Poonawalla and even suggested a 'Love Jihad' angle to the story.

  • Shraddha's family was against her inter-faith relationship with Aftab resulting in her becoming estranged from her family. This is the reason why it took nearly 6 months for Shraddha's family to notice something was wrong.
  • Reportedly, when Shraddha moved out of her parent's house in 2019 to live with Aftab, her parents visited Aftab's family in Vasai to help them convince the duo against their relationship.
  • However, Aftab's family reportedly refused to help, didn't allow Shraddha's parents inside their home and even claimed that they had broken ties with him.
  • Shraddha is said to have kept in touch with only her mother after moving out, with whom she had confided that Aftab would abuse her. Shraddha's friends have also claimed that Aftab used to beat her.
  • Shraddha's parents tried to convince her to return when her mother was keeping unwell, but she refused. Her mother later died of brain hemorrhage in 2020, after which Shraddha's ties with her family further broke down. 
  • Vikas Walkar has said that Shraddha last spoke to him in 2021.   

The vast unknown: So far, the story of Shraddha Walkar's murder is solely based on Aftab Poonawalla's confessions to the police. And those details have been changing over time and that's why the police have sought a narco test involving the "truth serum" to get to the bottom of the truth.

The police are still in the process of finding supportive evidence other than Walkar's transaction and phone details and its location. The gap of 6 months between the murder and the police catching up on Aftab has made it a difficult case to crack. 

  • The police have taken Aftab to the locations where he said he disposed off the body parts. The police have found some pieces of bones, but they are yet to ascertain whether they are human remains and whether they belong to Shraddha. 
  • The police have sent the bones for DNA test with her father's DNA samples. 
  • But the police have not yet found the skull, the chest part or the trachea which can tell a more detailed story of how the person died. 
  • The police also don't have the clothes Shraddha wore on the day of her death. Aftab says he threw them in the garbage, which makes it near impossible to recover them. 
  • The police have not found the weapon that was used in the murder. Even if they find the weapon, it will be difficult to link it to the murder as fingerprints or bloodstains on the item may not be recoverable.  
  • There is no clarity over whether Shraddha's remains were stored in the fridge as claimed by Aftab. He is said to have wiped the fridge and apartment clean with hydrochloric acid to rid the place of any evidence.
  • Also, the case doesn't have any other witnesses. Even though the couple fought regularly, no one saw them fighting, their neighbours also did not notice the fight that led to Shraddha's murder. 
  • Delhi Police will take Aftab to Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, where he went with Shraddha days before moving to Delhi.
  • Furthermore, the police is also writing to Bumble, a dating app, to get the details of Aftab's dating history and profile. Aftab is said to have used Bumble to meet other women soon after murdering Shraddha. 
  • Reports also say he invited women (or a woman) over to the Chhatarpur apartment even when Shraddha's remains were still stored in the house. 
  • Police are investigating whether Aftab had planned Shraddha's murder and renting the Chhatarpur flat was part of the plan.
  • Delhi Police have meanwhile collected DNA samples of Shraddha's father Vikas, and they have yet to get back to him.
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