Delhi girl hit by car, dragged for 4 km in Sultanpuri on New Year, chilling video raises questions

Amrutha Pagad
Amrutha PagadJan 02, 2023 | 12:45

Delhi girl hit by car, dragged for 4 km in Sultanpuri on New Year, chilling video raises questions

Screengrab of CCTV footage showing the car dragging a girl for 4 km on New Year in Delhi. Photo: India Today

New Year opened on a grim and monstrous note for Delhi after a 23-year-old girl was hit by a car and dragged for several kilometres. The 23-year-old victim's body was found naked on the road when the police finally reached the spot. 

Delhi LG VK Saxena reacting to the news said that his head 'hangs in shame' over the incident. 


The national capital is infamous for its crimes against women. But in this case, several questions are being posed at the Delhi Police which signals utter negligence. 


CCTV video:

What happened? A 23-year-old woman was on her way home after work on her scooty, when a car allegedly hit her scooter, and she fell off and got entangled in the car's wheel. 

  • Reportedly, five occupants of the car - all men - did not realise that a body was trapped under their car after the alleged hit and run and they kept driving and dragging the victim along.
  • The victim's body was dragged from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala in Delhi before her body fell off on the road. 

  • The incident was reported to the police only after a witness called them around 3.30 am on Sunday, saying that a grey Baleno car was dragging a body. 
  • According to the witness, Deepak Dahiya, the car dragged the body for 18-20 kilometres, while repeatedly taking U-turns on a 4-km stretch. 
It was 3:20 am...I was standing outside the shop when I heard a loud noise from a vehicle about 100 meters away. Earlier I thought it was a tyre burst. As soon as the car moved, I saw a body being dragged. I informed the police immediately.
- Deepak Dahiya, witness (ANI)

Dahiya said he followed the car while being in contact with the police. The body eventually fell off near Jyoti village near Kanjhawala, after which the accused fled the spot. 

I tried to stop them many times but they did not stop the vehicle. For about one and a half hours they carried the girl's body for about 20 km.
- Deepak Dahiya, witness
It could not be just an accident.
  • All the five accused  - Deepak Khanna (26), Amit Khanna (25), Krishan (27), Mithun (26) and Manoj Mittal (27) - have been arrested and the car has been seized. Samples have been taken to check whether they were inebriated at the time of the accident.
  • The accused have been booked under various sections of the law including Section 304 of the IPC which is a non-bailable offence.
  • The police are also on the hunt for the car's owner. 

Given that the victim's body was found naked, several questions are being raised on whether it was just an accident. 

What are the police saying? Delhi Police officer Harendra Singh told ANI that the victim wasn't sexually assaulted and also warned that the police would act against those making claims on social media that the girl was raped.

The accused told police that the windows of the vehicle were closed and the music was playing on loud volume so they did not get to know... When they came to know they fled from the spot.
- Harendra Singh, DCP Outer District

  • The body of the victim has been sent for post-mortem and the results will reveal the nature of the crime. 
  • But the victim's family has insinuated that it doesn't seem to be a case of an accident. This is what her mother said: 

  • AAP spokesperson also hit out at Delhi police officer Harendra Singh for rushing to rule out rape even before the postmortem report could be out. 

  • The Delhi Commission for Women has also issued summons to the police for their oversight in the incident. 

The questions being raised against Delhi Police:

  • Why was there no patrolling in the area where the accident took place? 
  • Given that the victim was dragged for a long time over 4 km, where were the police along the region? 
  • Security is often tighter on New Year, so why did no police catch the perpetrators and miss a hit-and-run case? 
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