France wants to ban disposable vapes to keep young people from smoking

Amrutha Pagad
Amrutha PagadSep 04, 2023 | 15:03

France wants to ban disposable vapes to keep young people from smoking

France wants to ban vapes as part of anti-smoking plan. Photo: DailyO

France is mulling a ban on disposable vapes to combat smoking among young people. French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne told RTL Radio on September 3 that the government is planning to unveil a new anti-smoking plan soon. However, it isn't known when the ban will come into place and what other measures are going to be implemented. 

France isn't the first country to ban e-cigarettes or disposable vapes. Such vapes are illegal in India. Australia only allows the use of vapes for prescription, though the black market sales still are thriving. Germany has banned flavoured vapes and New Zealand has taken steps to curb marketing directed towards children. 



  • France says the problem is with vapes leading to smoking among younger people or teenagers. 
  • Most of the disposable e-cigarettes come in flavours like ice candy, bubblegum, gummy bear, pink lemonade, and watermelon, reminiscent of childhood candies, which the French Prime Minister thinks are attractive to teenagers.
  • They are also sold for anywhere between 8 euros to 12 euros or Rs 700-Rs 1,100. 
  • Borne said that the vapes, also known as 'puffs' in France, are a gateway to smoking. 
  • Even though the sale of vapes to those under 18 is banned, this rule is poorly implemented. 
  • While there are likely to be harsh measures against e-cigarettes, France's plan doesn't include any new tax rise on cigarettes or tobacco after a rise last year. 
  • French President Emmanuel Macron's government wants to declare more smoking-free areas and make all 20-year-olds tobacco-free by 2030. 

E-cigarettes and the environment

Vapes or e-cigarettes were introduced to help cigarette addicts quit smoking. However, they have since permeated the larger market as an alternative to smoking tobacco. 

  • Vapes have long been marketed as safer than cigarette smoking. However, this myth is being busted with studies shedding light on its use.
  • While vapes do not contain tobacco, they come with their own share of risks.
  • Vaping can also cause cardiovascular issues and an increased risk of heart attacks. Some of the substances found in vapes can also reportedly cause cancer.

Disposable vapes are also cancerous to the environment. The hazardous substances in the e-cigarettes pollute the environment; they also waste a lot of precious resources such as lithium, that face in global shortages. 

Greenpeace, an independent campaigning organisation, has called upon various governments including the UK government to ban disposable vapes. 

Last updated: September 04, 2023 | 15:03
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